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What’s The Big Fuss About Mindfulness & Meditation?

by Ed and Deb Shapiro: It’s really happening! Mindfulness and meditation are infiltrating our lives like old friends… (more…)

The Gift of Seven Extraordinary Days of Grace – Caroline Myss

by  Caroline MyssGrace comes in many expressions. It intervenes in raging arguments, calming your anger so that you do not say what you can never take back… (more…)

Awaken Interviews Sharon Salzberg Pt 3 – Balance As A Guiding Light

Donna Quesada: Lovely. Well, I watched your Ted Talk, and I loved it, of course. And there was a story you told about a woman (more…)

Awaken Interviews Sharon Salzberg Pt 2 – Doing From A Place Of Perspective And Understanding

Donna Quesada: Now, I want to go a little deeper. I find this so fascinating that it starts with us… this kind of self-blessing. (more…)

Spiritual Guru Explains The Truth About The Women’s Liberation Movement

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say the women’s liberation movement is one of the most important movements to emerge from the 20th century… (more…)

What Exactly Is Prayer? – Caroline Myss

by Caroline Myss: So, this month I am going to share something about prayer as well as a prayer… (more…)

Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit Of Happiness – Marianne Williamson

by Marianne Williamson: There are millions of people in America ready for a new conversation, a new vocabulary about American politics. (more…)