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February Transmutation News 2020 – Sandra Ingerman

by Sandra Ingerman: We are all feeling so much emotion for the landscapes and all of life being destroyed through climatic events…


We know there is destruction and death happening in numerous places around the world. But more recently the fires in Australia are tearing our hearts open.

I read about all kinds of statistics of loss of life and don’t know what numbers are accurate. I have seen reports of 500,000 nature beings that died in the fires. And 8,000 koala bears have died as of writing this month’s column.

It is tragic beyond what our minds and hearts can imagine.

I too am praying beside all of you for the fire to be contained.

I recently spoke about this during my Introduction call “The Three Hidden Worlds” hosted by Stephen Dinan and The Shift Network.

Shamanism is a nature based practice and in shamanic cultures all life including Earth, Air, Water, and Fire are our family. But when we don’t honor, respect, or act with kindness towards other life beings there are consequences.

Earth, Air, Water, Fire  give us life. We continue to throw all our toxic waste into the elements that give us life. They are living beings and are our family.

In our culture we still are still ignoring the sacred practice of reciprocity. All of you reading this column know intuitively and in your heart that if we honored the elements that give us life they would not be acting so violently.

But yet we bypass building a strong loving relationship with them and simply try to get enough people together to try and manipulate the elements to move fires, move flood waters, move storms, create rain, and so on. This might have a temporary miraculous effect, but in some ways is more part of the problem as people feel they don’t have to change how they live their lives if they feel they can manipulate Nature instead of respect it.

I wonder how things would change if we establish a relationship with the elements of mutual respect.. You have to know in your heart that this would make a huge difference. You must KNOW this.

But here we are. Our hearts are broken with so much loss.

Start honoring the elements. Let’s gather our spiritual energies to open lines of communication with the elements instead of just gathering forces to manipulate them. Nature will not be manipulated.

Let’s perform honorable closure ceremonies for all the beings that have lost their lives. I wrote about Honorable Closure ceremonies in The Book of Ceremony: Invoking the Sacred into Everyday Life.

Connect spiritually with beings who lost their life. Thank them for gracing the Earth and all of life with their presence, their beauty, and their strength.

They contributed so much to the web of life and their loss is devastating to all of us.

Wish them a journey home to Source filled with grace, love, and light.

Let’s honor all the beings who died. This creates healing for all of life. Emanate love and light to all who lost their lives.

This level of consciousness actually allows all of us to live more consciously on the Earth.

Connect spiritually with the land you live on, the compassionate ancestors on the land, and to all the nature beings including the elements. Emanate love and light daily and feel that love returned to you.

Life on Earth will change as we do this. This I KNOW! The full moon is February 9. Let’s gather our spiritual energies together to show all of life how much we honor and love all that inhabits this Earth with us. On this full moon let our divine light hold all of life in love and radiate this light within and throughout the Earth.

If you are a new reader of The Transmutation News please read “Creating a Human Web of Light” on the homepage for a description of our full moon ceremonies.

Let’s keep our transfiguration work strong and perceive all of life in its divine light and strength. Don’t burden other living beings with your pity.


I am delighted to announce The Book of Ceremony is now available in German. Erwecke Das Heilige is published by Ansata.

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The Ancient Practice of Shamanic Journeying:

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Please Note: I can imagine some of you wondering how this course is different from my Part 1 sold by The Shift Network. Part 1 was a combo of teaching shamanic journeying and my Medicine for the Earth work. It is brilliant course and still continues to attract so many people to take it.

This new course only focuses on shamanic journeying for I found in Part 1 people new to shamanic journeying simply had to catch up on foundational principles of journeying. This new course is devoted to the practice of shamanic journeying for those of you who want to learn this ancient and powerful practice and for experienced practitioners who would like to gather some more tools in teaching this work.


There seems to be an entirely new population of people stepping onto the powerful and mystical path of shamanism. Although shamanism is a way of life one of the foundational ceremonies is shamanic journeying to seek guidance and healing from healing, divine, compassionate spirits. To be able to journey to helping spirits is one of the roles of the shaman.

Although in the last few years I have been teaching shamanic journeying online I would now like to take a step back and offer more guidance of how to truly and deeply communicate with the divine spirits. They are waiting to help us. I will share  how to step into the unseen realms with more strength and ability to expand our senses to embrace the wonders of traveling into the unseen realms  in an embodied way.

To this end in February I will be teaching a new 7 week training on shamanic journeying. I will give more of an introduction to the work than I have in the past. I will focus more on preparation and how to greet the helping spirits so that you have such a strong relationship with the divine helping spirits and nature you will never need to ask others questions as your spirits are available to you at all times.

I will focus on the shamanic journey and not weave other material into the course as I have done in the past. In this way I can give participants solid education into the art of shamanic journeying so you can get guidance and healing for yourself as as well as how to divine guidance and perform healing for others including children, animals, and all of nature.

One of the benefits in The Shift Network courses is they create a Facebook page where we can share our insights, our challenges, ask for help as life brings us initiatory experiences that we need support with, and share ways to support our healing and that of the planet.

I see this course as a way to enter a new decade with a wealth of spiritual tools to help us navigate the changing times as well as a way to join together as a true supportive community.

For myself, after strong initiatory experiences, I review the basic foundation of shamanic journeying as a way to put me right again and connect back in deeper ways with my helping spirits. For sometimes our initiations can throw us off course when we need our spiritual connections more than ever. In this way this course can benefit all levels of experience with shamanic journeying.

First there was a free introductory call  to discuss the opportunity we have to improve the quality of our lives and the lives of others by incorporating this successful practice which has been producing remarkable results for tens of thousands of years. Imagine you having the opportunity to step into this collective and field of energy with others from all over the globe.

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The Ancient Practice of Shamanic Journeying:

Foundations for Accessing Helping Spirits & Power Animals for Personal & Collective Healing

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I met Michael Beckwith many years ago at the Wake Up Festival sponsored by Sounds True. I love his energy and his heart. He taught a workshop through the Shift Network I wanted to sign up for, but I never got around to it. Now I have learned the Shift Network is selling his course as a evergreen course. This means you can buy it and listen at any time. I seem to be drawn to the course.

You may be ready to move beyond visualization and into living in a visioning  state.

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Byron Metcalf and Jennifer Grais have gifted us with another stunning CD to support your shamanic work.

“Sacrament: Ceremony or Ritual, Imparting Divine Grace”

In modern culture there are many ways to do sacred ceremony and to experience Sacrament. For those who pursue deep self-exploration, healing and transformation, this album can be used in a variety of ceremonial styles – from those that are explicitly shamanic in nature, to those which are contemplative, and to those which are plant based and entheogenic. The partaking of this sacrament invites the listener to experience Earth as the Mother of us all – to become whole.

You can order this CD from any sites or stores you buy music from.

Source: Sandra Ingerman


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