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At Nearly 93, Queen Elizabeth Is Still Horseback Riding Like A Boss

by : I don’t think the world will ever get tired of following Queen Elizabeth on her life adventures…


Aside from the fact that she is an important member of the royal family, another reason for our obsession with the queen is that she never ceases to surprise us. Queen Elizabeth is nearing 100, but that doesn’t appear to be holding her back in the slightest. Her highness seems to have figured out the secret for how to stay active as a senior, and a royal one at that.

Queen Elizabeth Horseback Riding

Queen Elizabeth is well-known for her brightly colored dresses and fabulous hats. But she knows how to do much more than dress in style. Queen Elizabeth was recently spotted riding horseback alongside her head groom, Terry Pendry. While this sort of pastime may seem shocking considering her age, horse riding has been a passion of the queen’s for her entire life. In fact, rumor has it Queen Elizabeth had her first horseback riding lesson at just 3 years old. (1, 2)

Queen Elizabeth still rides horses fairly often and has a habit of using a scarf around her head rather than a helmet. Previously, she shared that her reasoning behind declining the hard hat is to better keep her hair in place for any royal appointments. No wonder the queen is always looking so put-together! (2)

As the queen seemed to be enjoying herself, it’s obvious that she has a real love for horses. In addition to the occasional horseback outing, she also breeds thoroughbreds and has an interest in horse racing. It appears the queen doesn’t plan on giving up this hobby anytime soon. (1)

How To Stay Active As A Senior

Aging isn’t always the most pleasant process, but Queen Elizabeth is taking it all in stride. And while horseback riding may be her personal secret, this isn’t the only way to stay active as a senior.

Too often when people think of physical activity their mind goes directly to running on the treadmill or lifting weights. But there are so many other ways to get some exercise. Here are some creative ideas on how to stay active as a senior.

  • Walk or bike with a friend
  • Take a swimming class
  • Volunteer at a library, school, or museum
  • Help with gardening at a community park
  • Visit local museums
  • Care for dogs and cats at an animal shelter
  • Play with your grandchildren
  • Take up bowling or bocce ball
  • Go dancing with your significant other
  • Take part in a local theater troupe or choir
  • Try yoga or tai chi (3)

Do What You Love

The most important thing when it comes to staying active is doing something you love. You’re not going to maintain a hobby long term if it’s something you hate. For the queen, horseback riding seems to do the trick, but for you, it may be something else. Remember, it’s never too late to start a new sport, pastime or activity. Try some of the ideas listed above until you find one you love. Who knows, maybe you’ll keep it up past 92!

Source: Healthy Holistic Living


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