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40 Things To Do In A Lucid Dream, Especially Number 5

There are lots of things you can do in a Lucid Dream, some people don’t know what to do, or where to start, but there are limitless possibilities…


We’ve created a collection of good things to dream about for you, so you can work through it and try them one by one!

Also, you yes YOU should stick around till the end of the article, because there are some useful tips and tricks at the end, as well as a list of useful resources and tools you can use to lucid dream more! Enjoy!

The best things to try in a lucid dream

1. Fly across the mountains

Flying in a Lucid Dream is probably one of the most fun things you can do, because you can really soar across the sky. to fly, imagine energy blasting from your feet and pushing you upwards. Funnily enough, although this is one of the most common things people DREAM about, for LUCID dreaming, it’s difficult for lots of people. I created a superhero guideshowing you why most people fall and fail during their lucid flights.

2. Teleport to new worlds

Teleporting means to jump from one location to another. It’s very easy in a dream and you can do this just by thinking about the location you want to jump to, and then spinning around, believing that when you stop spinning you’ll be in the location.

3. Time Travel

Time travel is exciting, and probably one of the more serious things to do in a Lucid Dream. You can explore distant civilisations and cultures, and experience a future city in all it’s glory. Imagine the time you wish to travel to, and then step through a Dream portal. Or you could just slow down time.

4. Meet famous celebrities

You are able to meet anyone you wish in a Lucid Dream, and if you want to meet a celebrity, it’s easy, just imagine the person you want to meet, and then believe they’ll be somewhere, for example, in a house you can see on the street. To meet them, simply go to the house and find them.

5. Convince a dream character that he’s in a dream

This is probably the most exciting thing you can do in a Lucid Dream. Go up to a dream character, once you’re Lucid yourself, and really convince him/her that they’re in a dream. Prove it by bending the laws of physics until the dream character really believes it’s a dream. What happens next is for you to discover, it’s really amazing!

6. Talk to long lost relatives

If you’ve lost a relative and would like to talk to them again, you can communicate with your projection of them in a dream. This means you can talk to them, and they’ll answer based on how you remember them to act.

7. Practice a job interview

Got an important job interview coming up? A good thing to do in a Lucid Dream is to practice a job interview and get used to the situation. In the dream, conjure up the job, and the situation. Even adding more people than normal can help as it trains you to speak in front of a large group of people. Doing this is actually going to help you, because Learning skills or practising things in a Lucid Dream fires the same neurons as actually doing it.

8. Face your fears

You have the chance to face the things that really scare you in life, in a lucid dream. This is a really good thing to do, because as mentioned in the previous paragraph, learning or doing things in a dream or ‘thinking’ about them fire the same parts of your brain, meaning your mind actually behaves as though you’d done it. Facing your fears in a dream can help you to eliminate them.

9. Star in a movie

Want to be a movie star? Use a Lucid Dream to star in your favourite movie, or even create your own movie and direct it. Just imagine yourself doing it, and it will happen. As mentioned before in a lot of our posts, what you believe you can do in a dream, (and in life), you can.

10. Play an instrument you’ve never played

This is one of the amazing things you can do in a Lucid Dream. If you’ve seen/heard someone playing an instrument, which most of us have, on youtube, films etc, your mind can replicate that and allow you to play any instrument even if you don’t know how. Just pick it up, start moving your hands and imagine what sounds you want to hear.

11. Listen to dream music

Things in a dream are amplified and vivid, so listening to music in a dream sounds amazing. The emotions, colours and all the slight nuances in music can be enjoyed thoroughly in a Lucid Dream.

12. Eat dream food

Dream food is great. Whatever your favourite food is will have stored something in you mind, a little signature reminding you what it tastes like, and in a dream you’re able to replicate this but amplify it. You can eat your favourite food but it will taste so much better, as your mind can make it seem very real, if not more real than waking life.

13. Be good at things you don’t know how to do

Things that you’ve never done before can be easy in a Lucid Dream, as your mind can simulate them. Have you ever skydived? Even if you haven’t, your mind will create an experience based on videos you’ve seen about it.

14. Be an acrobat

you can be an acrobat in a dream, and somersault over buildings, jump in and out of tight spaces and have cat like relaxes. Have you seen the film; Catwoman? Disctrict 13? You can leap around like these guys in a dream.

15. Experiment with thought control

It must be so interesting to know what people are thinking. To be able to look at them and know exactly without any filtering what they’re thinking and feeling at any one moment. You can! Just look at a dream character, and imagine your awareness travel through the air into their head.

16. Experience lucid sex

Lucid dream sex is something that can’t easily be explained. If you’ve had sex in real life, you can obviously remember what it feels like, and therefore your mind is able to recreate that feeling and sensation but amplify it. This is probably the most incredible thing about dreams, your mind can amplify any experience, sensation, emotion or feeling.

17. Become an animal

Want to crawl around the floor like an ant, and see their intricate worlds underground? Or maybe you want to soar above the clouds like a dragon, you can do either.

18. Live on another planet

Travel to Mars! Fly around on the moon, whatever you want to experience and wherever you want to travel to, you can. The most interesting planets to visit are ones that you don’t know about yet, the ones where you’re flying through space and your mind invents an entire planet one the spot.

19. See the world from space

The world is a big place, and it looks beautiful from space. Perfect Lucid Dream Flying and then travel upwards until you go past the atmosphere, then look down on the earth from out there in space. You feel pretty small now, right?

20. Relive memories and experiences

Memories are stored in your mind, and therefore you can recall them in a dream. One of the more useful things to do in a lucid dream is to relive memories and experiences that you’ve had in your life.

21. Experience powerful Lucid emotions

Emotions are powerful things. Happiness, Joy, Love, these are all positive emotions and they make you feel good. They make you feel good about your life, and yourself. Emotions in a Lucid Dream are that much more powerful as you’re directly in contact with your mind, and everything contained within.

22. Change the weather

Create a thunderstorm and then wait for it to pass with a girl you love in a tent. Create a tornado and save a city from destruction. the possibilities are endless. By thinking about the weather you can cause it to change.

23. Make things explode with your mind

Want to release a bit of anger? Play around with your hand-gun. What we mean by this is point at a building and imagine it bursting into flames. After a few nights of practice you’ll be able to release your anger quite nicely.

24. Live in slow motion

Life is very fast. It’s too fast sometimes, but in a lucid drama you can slow down a time and live in slow motion. by doing this you’re able to notice all of the tiny details you might normally miss by being too busy.

25. Slow down time

Slow down time to really get an understanding of the world and the things that are going on all around you. Most of life’s great beauties we miss because we;re too busy and don’t focus on them. Simple things like a sunset, which we normally don’t have time to enjoy. Slow time down and take in the world.

Slowing time in a dream

26. Enter dream teleports and mirrors

This is the easiest way to teleport in a Lucid Dream. Find a mirror, and attempt to walk through it, thinking about where you want to ‘jump’ to on the other side of the mirror. You can use this to jump between worlds and cities. See my guide to dream portals.

27. Explore the mind or another dream character

This is linked to mind control. Look at another dream character, for example, your projection of your boss, and enter his mind. This can help you to understand your true feelings about people in your life, and what you think they feel as well.

28. Change into another character

You can become any character you want. If you want to see what it’s like to be someone else, your friend maybe, or your partner, try this. It can be good to become more empathic with people, and to relate to them and how they feel.

29. Create some art

Many famous pieces of art have been create in a Lucid Dream, and you can do the same! If you know roughly how to draw or paint, try doing it in a Lucid Dream, and then when you wake, try to recreate it.

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30. Write some dream music

If you play an instrument, you can write a song or piece of music in a Lucid Dream. The song will be hard to recreate win real life, as it’s never quite the same, but several people have created music in a Lucid Dream and then replicated it when they woke up.

Learning music in a dream

31. Transform into the opposite sex

Want to know what it’s like to be the opposite gender? Well, you can try this without the need for painful or expensive surgery! In the same way that you can teleport by thinking about the location and then spinning, you can focus on the opposite sex and then when you stop spinning, you’ll be him/her!

32. Survive a Zombie Invasion

Do you enjoy a good zombie film? We do. there’s nothing more fun than surviving a zombie apocalypse in a Lucid Dream and putting your superpowers to work! Be careful with this one though, as if you lose focus, it can easily turn into a nightmare, and that can be scary. Read our guide on the ‘Cinema Technique’ for Lucid Dreaming focus.

33. Be a zombie

Turn the tables a bit, and actually be a zombie in an invasion. Just try and survive. Get to see how zombies live instead of just seeing them get shot in horror films!

34. Take a mystery dream pill

If you find a pill in a Lucid Dream, take it. You will be surprised as to what happens when you do. Make sure you’re Lucid, we’re not saying to just take any pills you find in waking life! Make sure it’s a dream and experiment with it. You might find that you grow a pair of wings, or are transported to another universe.

35. Experience a negative situation

This might not sound as attractive as the others on this list, but if you experience a negative situation, for example, losing your job, or breaking up from your relationship, then you’ll have that experience in your mind and if either of those actually happened, you’d be slightly better equipped to deal with it.

36. Make a friend in the dream

Find a dream character and become friends with them. don’t worry about flying around or anything like that, just enjoy the experience, and improve your social skills on them! Practice being confident and speaking with clarity.

37. Find your dream guide

One of the most important things to do in a Lucid Dream is to find your dream guide. The easiest way to do this is to shout out to the dream; ‘Where is my dream guide’ and he/she should appear sooner or later. When someone does appear, double check, and ask them; ‘Are you my dream guide’. If they say yes 3 times, they really are.

Flying in a lucid dream

38. Be Electro from The Amazing Spiderman 2 and ‘See’ energy

Have you seen The Amazing Spiderman 2? The character Electro is able to control electricity and fly around shooting lightning bolts at things. It’s very fun to play around with, Specially if you like flying. You can also become any superhero you want!

39. Be your favourite superhero

Don’t just take our idea, you can become any character form any film, heroes or villains. Want to become Batman? Spiderman? You just have to think about it and then spin around, or pass through a dream portal. When you come out the other side, you’ll be that character. Want to do this? See the lucid superpowers guide.

40. Explore the ocean and Breathe underwater

If you like nature and wildlife, you’ll love this one. None of the laws of physics apply here. One of the coolest things to do in a Lucid Dream is to bend the laws of physics. You can experience zero gravity, breath underwater, fly etc..

Source: How To Lucid


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