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A Special Celebration Of International Women’s Day

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People around the world celebrated International Women’s Day on Friday by honoring women’s successes and calling for increased equality. HuffPost editions continued their robust coverage of battles women are waging and winning — from taking steps to shrink the gender pay gap in the U.S. to pushing to change patriarchal laws in Morocco.

Louise Roug, HuffPost’s international director, said these sorts of issues are a year-round priority for the site’s multiple editions.

“Every day this past year, HuffPost journalists in Brazil profiled a woman making a difference, putting a spotlight on remarkable women from all walks of life,” she said. ‘Every Day Is Women’s Day’ — the title of the project — serves as a great short-hand for how we cover the lives of women across the world.”

“With more than 350 journalists working in HuffPost newsrooms outside the United States, we cover stories of injustice and violence as well as stories of triumphs and joy,” she added. “We cover women as subjects in their own lives.”

Source: The Huffington Post


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