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Being Strong, Brave and In One’s Power

The times are waking people up to be stronger. Let’s look at some angles in holding your power. Here are some lessons on how to hold and expand your power…


Be Patient Helping Others Be Brave

A hard challenge for a teacher or parent is being patient enough to let others discover their own words and action: so they can then make life their own.

As the challenges in life get harder ahead, be patient enough to let others find their own voice. This is a time of empowerment as each person learns how to chime in with additional solutions for helping our world. To push or help too much will shut down another person from finding their voice.

Protect each other: but give freedom to each person’s voice.

Don’t Hesitate

Life is to be lived, sometimes hesitating undercuts our power.

If you are not reaching to be more, to enjoy, and add in your energy to make life vibrant, then I must ask you why are you abusing yourself by limiting  your own actions?


Yes abuse. However small it might be, all too many people are undercutting themselves. It’s time to get out of that habit.

Power is the capacity to define oneself, Abuse is when someone or something takes away your power.

Think about this seriously for a minute, it’s a minute that can change your life forever to be greater and more fully alive.

If you are not being brave enough to live fully, then ask yourself why are you limiting yourself and what fears are limiting you?

Isn’t it time to be brave by removing your limitations?

Pace Your Power

One danger a person faces in extreme times is exhaustion. After watching crazy, in-taking spun out of control media and intense, constant never ending attacks wears a person out. Likewise: Intolerance of others will further undercut a person. It takes large amounts of energy to always be on alert or to resist nagging attacks against life.

Standing to resist abuse / tyranny / prejudice will take a toll upon each person and society itself.

Holding freedom is all about knowing:

  • When to stand up to act.
  • When to assist others.
  • How to find moments to recharge and rest.

As the times become more intense, the more a person will unconsciously tense up to resist. This natural behavior to protect oneself drains a person. Over time, being pushed into resistance all the time will push a person into numbness or shutting themselves down.

Working towards freedom has two sides.

  • Standing up in your power.
  • To rest & recover your power as you can.

Learn this back and forth pace within your actions towards maintaining personal power. It’s deeply important to include finding time to rest and for healing.

As you get better at standing up in your power, you will learn how to rest and keep a dash of awareness open so you can be proactive at the proper moments.

Be in Your Power: One Day at a Time

Life is a tapestry of interconnections: pulled together by your actions.

A person changes each day and each day we fit in anew to be ourselves.

This is the puzzle of living. Taoism gives a simple answer on how to piece it all together:

Don’t worry about the larger puzzle, just be your own shape.

This is one definition of acceptance. When embracing our shape in the puzzle called life.  It’s a human misconception to believe we assemble the bigger picture. Instead, the point becomes the bigger puzzle will reshape itself to embrace you when you stand in true power. When society places pressures upon you to change it’s easy to give into fear and not stand up as ourselves.

* To get to the next place,
* In order to make it at work,
* To keep others happy,
* In order to get ahead
* Or make it to the next day just to survive.

In this rush to change everything: we might overlook and forget we are already there: already in one’s power. Instead of being the puzzle piece trying to fit into the larger picture. Stand up to make a difference and change the world to your image.

Taoist embraces themselves fully, so that the firmness of self acceptance is enough to push society to accept them as is.

Here is a deeper spiritual truth. Within this post is the baseline for understanding the core of every mystical belief. Even when wrapped around layers and layers of other practices and ideas. If you know the core truth of acceptance, then you can understand and be part of any faith, any truth, that others put forth as the secret to life.

For instance: to take a quote from the Buddha:

“You cannot travel the path until you have become the path itself”.

We are all on the same path. The difference is how we decide to walk the path to experience life. And then in our power: to become the path.

Source: PersonalTao


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