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Five Years Of Women Leading Change

by Keith Cobell: I’m turning 48 this December 17, and for my birthday I’m celebrating all the strong, smart, and bold women in my life…


Rather than a gift or a quick Facebook message, join me in giving to an organization that unleashes potential in women and girls in Rwanda.

Please give $48 to Resonate, a powerful women-led and women-powered social enterprise in Rwanda that I am proud to be a part of.

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Resonate is a non-profit social enterprise based in Rwanda that delivers leadership workshops for women and youth. Resonate partners with groups providing skills and education, and integrates our proven leadership workshops into their programs. Combining skills training with Resonate workshops amplifies the impact of our partners. Our unique model leverages storytelling and reflection to shift participant mind-sets to ensure they have the self-confidence to turn opportunity and skills into action.

An example of this is Annociatha, a single mother who was skilled and smart, but was always struggling to get by and find a way to feed her children. She told us, “before the workshop, I didn’t even realize I had anything to be proud of.” During Resonate’s training, she came to view her decision to leave her husband as one of courage, rather than of shame. Through the training she reframed how she thought about herself, got the courage to open up to friends and family, and found the confidence to open up a small supermarket in her village. She is proud to be a leader and an inspiration for her children and community.

In five years, Resonate has reached more than 5,000 participants, and seen incredible results: 45% of participants take on new leadership roles, 38% start businesses, and 24% get a new job or promotion.

Source: Crowd Rise


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