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What Purpose Does Life Want For You?

by s:  I began to ask myself recently about my purpose, it didn’t take long to start getting some answers…


I noticed a difference from a few years ago when I felt I couldn’t decipher or understand the thoughts I was having at that time.   Maybe you can relate.

Our purpose or calling of Life is no longer whispering politely in our quiet contemplative, reflective moments

Rather it is coming through loud and clear, shaking us up and demanding that we begin taking actions on the deeper desires we hold within that seem to come from our soul.  It’s time to create the things that are life advancing, bring deeper connections of well being into our own lives and our world. And if we turn away or ignore it’s voice, we often times become neurotic, anxious, and even depressed.  I’ve felt some of this along the way including feeling afraid to step out of my comfort zone.

However, I could no longer deny my intuition and deeper desires, neither should you. 

We cannot simply live the lives others expect of us. We can no longer avoid taking risks.  We cannot pretend it’s merely an option to realize our potentials. We must, for the sake of spirit, our loved ones and our world. Our wake up call is loud and clear and it’s time to get it.

Many of us are re-organizing our entire lives to align with that which is most true, most noble, most beautiful and most meaningful. And while it is scary, it is also exciting to feel some sense of meaning moves us toward a deeper knowing and purpose fulfillment.  We intuitively know we are stepping up to be a part of something so much larger than our own little lives, that we are being given the opportunity to participate in the birth of something brand new – intuitively we know that it is an extraordinary time to be a woman in the world, particularly a western woman, and that we cannot miss this grand opportunity, even though it may frighten us to let go and surrender ourselves in this way.

Sometimes our bad days are actually steering us somewhere good – and trying to tell us something we need hear. Usually it is that we are off course, missing the mark, or we’re not inside of a big enough game, or that we’re settling for a life that is too sensible, too safe, and too small.

For all this and more, I created Empower The Dream – helping big dreamin’ women to reach their greatest potential and the purpose they are called for – stepping out of fear and into greatness.

What are you called to do?  There is an answer for you, I promise!

It’s time to go for it!!

*** I am here to guide and support your process too.  I’m honored to support many woman move forward on living the life they deeply desire, creating the business they are inspired to have ….. and making a difference.   Know that you can have this too!   Testimonies.

Please contact me if you would like to see how we can work together and help you reach your greater potential!

Dempower the dreamream Big!




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