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Stop Surviving and Start Thriving in Your Life – Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson brings light onto how we see our lives and ways to recognize inspiration.


Source: AWAKEN


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  1. Gary Hobbins says:

    The greatest Zen koan is “words are traps.” We can intellectualize about the subject of enlightenment forever and that is in the 400’s of the Hawkins map of consciousness if we can see that the map is somewhat close to the mark of evolution. One person’s understanding of universal consciousness is going to be different than another depending where they fall from 400-1000 on the Hawkins created map which I think is quite good food for thought. Remember, there are a lot of awareness descriptions out there that contemporary thinkers can use in their own description of what is really advancing to the reality of understanding ourselves among others. For one thing, if someone is “enlightened” an advanced spiritual person should have a gut feeling that they are in some way up on the scale so to speak by what they are saying. As far as saying you are enlightened how else are you going to get the debate going for the advancement of mankind. This is the twenty-first century. If you are enlightened you are going to be able to explain the path.

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