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Stop Struggling – 3 Reasons Women Stay Stuck

by  You are not alone.  We all want to stop struggling and make our lives better…


There are 3 Reason Women Stay Stuck – specifically in financial struggle, women entrepreneurs or women who are consciously upleveling themselves for a better life.  There’s also real solutions on how to stop struggling.  I will share with you what I have found from working with many women clients (or attendees in group programs) and validated by as recent survey.   You no longer have to feel or stay stuck in a life you don’t want and learn how to stop struggling now.
If you are like the women I work with, I know you have a deep passion to have and be more.  I know it can sometimes feels like this passion is drowning and slipping away.  Maybe sometimes you just want to throw in the towel and give up.

Yes, there are moments of feeling good and in a positive flow, you’re in the groove – but why is this difficult to maintain and keep in a forward momentum  CONSISTENTLY or at least more often than not?

Let me give you a little back story of where I’m coming from and then I’ll share the 3 top answers you need to create more positive consistency and how to get avoid staying stuck. I want you to know that my desire now is to give you new found hope.

I remember a few years ago thinking my coaching business,  Empower The Dream, justwasn’t meant to be.   Thinking I wasn’t cut out  to be a fearless coach and leader.  Afterall, I was working really hard and truly believed I could do it.  I invested in continual business training and in myself.  I didn’t expect to learn only by random freebie offers.  I invested in other people’s programs and knew that was also part of energetically aligning with my ideal clients investing in my programs.  I continued growing my spiritual knowledge and positive mindset. I also immersed myself in my feminine mastery knowledge with passion.

But I wasn’t quite making it …I was still struggling with consistency.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the deal, here’s what shifted for me.  There is NO such thing as “meant to be.” Not really.  I was confusing it with “make it be”.

So, I shifted my way of being.

It is who you are being inside and out. AND outside in.  Yes, it must be both. That’s what made a profound difference for me and I learned how to stop struggling in my life and business success.

Not merely more information but an inner transformation.

Now, I’ve spend a lot of time sharing on the absolute importance of your inner being, your inner work, your mindset, etc.  You’ve got to have it together within – well, at least be working on this and growing yourself if you want to stop struggling.  This is what guides your outer actions.

However, it is easy to get overwhelmed in the outer so let me break that down for you.  Let me give you a couple of things that will really help you course correct in your business and yes even in your life journey.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign – this is it!

Pretty much everyone and certainly entrepreneurs have ups and downs with finances, various how-to challenges and being stuck—myself included! There will always be expenses you couldn’t anticipate and risks you took that just didn’t quite pay off. But if you’re finding that your income and your bank account balance is exactly where it was a few years ago or even six months ago, there’s likely to be a missing piece that’s stopping you from rising above the struggle.

In order to stop struggling and get unstuck, it’s time to take a look at:

  • Who are you being?
  • What are you doing?
  • Are your words and behaviors in alignment?

As much reverence as I have for working from the inside out, sometimes if you want big results, you’ve got to work from the outside in and actually start doing things differently. If you’re ready to take action, shift your behavior and make your dreams real, then consider whether one of these top three scenarios I see happening with so many women might apply to you.

1. Are you creating consistency?

Successful women have the same number of hours in the day as anyone else.  They know to remain laser focused on what works and do not allow themselves to get distracted by seeing who is on Instagram or Facebook.  They have their day planned intentionally and are not just randomly doing what shows up but actively planning and creating what will show up.

When you allow yourself to be distracted so easily and multi-tasking 5 different things at once – you cannot stay focused on doing what works and doing it well.  You don’t pull in the inspiration of how to continually serve the clients you have so they will keep coming back or create the wash and repeat system that works over and over again.

2. Does it make sense?

I’m talking marketing here.  The truth is we are always in marketing in some way whether we are in business or not.  Let me address this today from an entrepreneur point of view.

What is your planned and perfectly aligned, sequential structure that leads people into your path of service in a way that is easy to follow, keeps them engaged, allows them to get to know you, love and experience you, and makes it a no – brainer to hire you?

Got one?

You must have the right outer system that implements success and it must make sense to the people that you desire servicing.  It must lead to you and you to them.  It cannot be a random, sometimes, if I remember, if I feel like it, if I want to or not kinda thing.  There must be a reason you do what you do and the reason leads them to the next step. It is not left open for you to assume they will get who you are or what you do.  Nor  you assuming they will call if they want something.  There is no room for assumptions.You are the leader, you must help them to understand and you must get out of your own way.  Marketing is a system in life and in business.  If you want results, stop struggling to get ahead and feeling stuck,  you have to be in consistent marketing that  focuses on the end result with conscious awareness at all times.

3. Who are you being?

The third reason I see so many women stay stuck or are not creating consistent forward motion in the business or life is about who they are being.

Are you confidently and consistently putting yourself out there? Putting yourself in the marketplace on a regular basis? Confidence on doing this may feel foreign at first but it can ONLY IMPROVE with who you are being  – on the inside and on the outside.

You’ve got to dig in and find your uniqueness – a coach can  help you do this if you are unsure and you’ve got to share it, own it and lead with it. It really isn’t that hard once you know and practice it.  In fact, it makes things easier.  Knowing yourself and accepting yourself is the backbone of confidence Others admire this and need this from you.  There are so many clients whom your uniqueness speaks too.  But when you hide it, belittle it, don’t know it or shame it – you do the are creating the same from those who need you.  And that is not who you really are – you are a woman here to make a difference.

If it feels you are not connecting with people – get clear on you message and be open to share it wider than before. The cool thing about this is – it is naturally authentic and allows you to be you, stop faking it and embrace yourself so others can too.

Now ask yourself?  Who are you willing to be?

I have a system for you that creates the confident and consistent structure needed from the inside out and the outside in.   I want you to know how to stop struggling so you can create your dreams and make a profound impact on lives you touch.

I call it..

“How To Be Feminine, Confident AND Successful at Creating a Life Style & Business That Makes You Happy & Makes a Difference”

It’s a VIP Day Intensive. 

Or it can be shared with you as a slower paced program for newer entrepreneurs or those who are just starting on their path.

It’s for women who are serious about going to the next level and who are sick and tired of being stuck when they know there is something more for them.

I would love to offer you a complimentary strategy session on how the VIP Day Intensive can specifically help you.

Send an email to me directly at Teresa@EmpowerTheDream and we will set up a casual chat on how you can finally stop struggling, stop starting and stopping, stop doubting, stop  hiding, stop resisting…but to really start flourishing and getting in real momentum with your purpose, your passion, your joy and serve the people who truly need you.  

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