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5 Yoga Poses To Celebrate The New Moon

by Chloe Kernaghan: Part of the yoga practice is exploring how to feel connected, integrated, and harmonized with not just yourself, but the natural world and larger picture of life…


To be able to follow the natural cycles of beginnings, middles, and ends going on around you, can bring a greater sense of understanding to happenings in your own life.

One of the most dominant cyclical patterns we can pay attention to is the lunar cycle. A new moon can be an especially potent time as it is the start of a new cycle. This sequence has room for you to not only take a moment for receptivity, but also to allow yourself to feel potentiated and opened up to the possibilities of what a new cycle can bring!

Selma-Rachel Swire / mbg creative

Slide one shin forward, knee off to its own side and extend the back leg. No need for the front shin to run parallel to the top of your mat, instead let the leg be folded at an angle, and for this variation, feel free to use some added support under your seat like a rolled up blanket or block.

Rest on your forearms, keeping your chest open. Stay for five to 10 breaths and see if you can allow the breath to release any unnecessary tension, and bring you to a place of feeling dimensional and spacious!

Selma-Rachel Swire, mbg creative

From pigeon pose, lift the chest and walk the hands back under shoulders. Tuck back toes and lift into a three-legged Dog. Bend the knee, let the hip open and peak under the arm of the leg that’s lifted. If its available, flip the dog by letting the lifted leg find the floor, so the hips turn to the ceiling and you can take the top arm and reach out. Let the tipping over be playful, really try to lift the hips to the ceiling, and find a full opening at the top of the chest.

Selma-Rachel Swire / mbg creative

Come back through a three-legged dog and step forward to a lunge. Tap the back knee down, hook the thumbs and reach the arms alongside the ears. With the back leg as an anchor behind you, track the front knee over the center of the foot guiding you forward. From there imagine the chest and arms like a sail that lift up so you have room to take a few full breaths.

Selma-Rachel Swire / mbg creative

From your crescent lunge pivot the stance and walk the hands to the other side to set up for a side angle variation. Front knee is bent to 90 degrees, back foot is turned in 45 degrees and keep the leg charged and strong. Place bottom hand inside of the foot. If you’d like to play with a variation, try flipping the palm, otherwise hand can be on floor, fingertips, or on a block. Top arm can reach up to the ceiling, gaze lifts to top palm. Stay for a few breaths, allowing for the side waist and ribs to open up.

Selma-Rachel Swire / mbg creative

Pivot the stance once again to the other side and shift weight onto front foot and hand for half moon pose. Front toes point forward, palm is placed about a foot in front of pinkie toe (I’d recommend with a block underneath the palm if available!). With all the length you created with your side angle, keep the underside of the torso long as you begin to open the arms and find the sense of reaching in all directions. After all the folds, flips and bends of the sequence imagine yourself radiating in all directions feeling a sense of steadiness in your space.

Repeat crescent lunge, extended side angle and half moon on the opposite side. Finish in a restorative shavasana or rounded plough to let you wind down!

Source: Mind Body Green


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