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10-Minute Yoga Sequence To Revive Your Energy

by Tara Stiles:  The winter months, although super fun and pretty when snow first falls, can drag on and try to zap our energy as swiftly and fiercely as the wind chill.



I’ve got us all in mind this season and came up with some cozy moves to help you relax and revibe your mojo to keep you feeling great all winter long.



Here are a couple extra tips that help me feeling fresh during winter:

Keep it regular. Your yoga practice works best when you practice regularly. Don’t stress if you can’t squeeze an hour out of the day, start with 5 or 10 minutes right when you wake up and before bed to start and end your day with awesomeness.

Slow down a bit. Winter can be wonderful when we don’t fight it’s natural gifts. Take the opportunity of the season to cozy up at home, get in the kitchen, and whip up some yummy and healthy soups, or work on that crafty project you’ve had your mind on. You’ll find me making all kinds of veggie soups and knitting hats at home this winter.

Take a big, full, deep breath with me now, and enjoy!

Source: Mind Body Green


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