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Why Yoga is a Better Choice than Gym?

To begin with, comparing yoga with working out in the gym is a fallacious comparison as yoga is way more than physical exercise.

It is an all-embracing art that soothes the mind and the soul, along with making the body fit. One of the basic premises of yoga is its ability to bring the mind, body and the soul in harmony, thus, making the individual healthy, in a holistic sense. While the gym focuses solely on improving the condition of the body; yoga, in addition, infuses the spirit with positive energy.

However, given the commonly made comparison between the two, we bring to you 7 reasons why yoga is always a better choice.

1. Yoga instils acceptance: They say, yoga is more about self-acceptance than self-improvement. Meditation, a part of yoga, teaches one to be aware of both their strengths and limitations. The gym, with its preoccupation with getting you into the “right” size and shape, however, can make you feel like a failure.

2. Yoga will teach you how to focus on yourself: The gym’s fixation with the outer body is clear in the fact that, typically gym classes have mirrors all around. Many yoga studios, by contrast, do not have any mirrors, compelling you to think about your body, and not simply look at it.

3. You can do yoga anywhere: Given the extremely demanding schedules of people today, taking out time for a gym class can be difficult. With yoga, however, there are no such hassles, simply because you do not need to “take time out” for yoga. You can practice yoga at home while waiting for the water to boil, or in office between two stressful meetings. Unlike a gym, yoga requires no equipment or expansive spaces.

4. Gym can be harsh on the body: Not to say that yoga is not intense. It builds heat and works your muscles, however, it entails no such thing that can cause injury to your body, like lifting weights. While yoga eases your aches and pains, gym increases them. Yoga stretches muscles and opens the energy channels of the body, automatically increasing the flexibility of the body.

5. Yoga makes breathing easier: How many times have you come back gasping for breath from a gym class? Often, one would guess. With yoga, however, you can never have that experience. Yoga emphasizes on real breathing, and not the shallow breathing that we all end up doing. By focusing on the right kind of breathing, yoga can help you think clearly and keep fatigue at bay.

6. Yoga reduces stress: A yoga session helps you to clear the mind off the stresses of the day. Practicing yoga regularly can make you equipped to effectively handle stressful situations, and emerge calm from each of them. The competitive nature of gym, on the other hand, is likely to only augment the stress.

7. Everyone can practice yoga:Gym workouts are typically not senior or child friendly. The elderly, especially, are highly advised to not go to the gym. However, when it comes to yoga, your age does not matter. As they say, you do not have to adapt your body to yoga, yoga adopts itself to you.

If you want to reinvigorate your mind, body and soul, yoga is the way to go.

Source:  International Day of Yoga


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