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“In broadening the scope of scientific understanding, we develop a more empowered overview of ourselves within the world, the perceivable universe. When those perspectives expand, we evolve.”


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Danielle Graham

Danielle Graham is a founding editor and current Editor-in-Chief of SuperConsciousness Magazine, and is a published (American Institute of Physics) experimental researcher. She is primarily interested in contributing to and advancing scientific understanding generally, and evolving the field of physics specifically — relational to human mind.

Danielle is Founder and Executive Director of the NW Frontier Research Institute (NWFRI) in WA State.  NWFRI’s experimental research focuses on human-generated gravitational and electro-magnetic anomalies relational to consciousness and mind, and is published by the American Institute of Physics.

Danielle is friends with her two grown children and spends as much time as possible deeply immersed in nature.


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  • Awaken
    views: 2565
    Energy and the Brain - Danielle Graham

    by Danielle Graham: In the introduction of his book Iconoclast… Emory neurologist and neuroeconomist Gregory Berns makes the statement “the brain has a fixed energy budget.” Later, he explains that his current understanding of the brain’s use of energy is largely based [...]

  • Awaken
    views: 2144
    Mind, Meditation And Health - Danielle Graham

    by Danielle Graham: Why Meditative Practice Creates Well-Being in Our Bodies and Minds… Daniel Siegel has accomplished a feat that no brain scientist has before or since: A working definition that answers the question “What is mind?” The importance of coming to [...]

  • Awaken
    views: 2819
    As Wise As Mosquitoes - Danielle Graham

    by Danielle Graham: Recently, research has been published which reports on an evolutionary response to global warming… A mosquito that lives its entire life in a pitcher plant, “Wyeomyia smithii”, is the first species known to have adapted to our current, quickly [...]

  • Awaken
    views: 2101
    Nurturing Ourselves Into a New Science - Danielle Graham

    by Danielle Graham: SuperConsciousness Magazine interviewed Dr. Nancy Andreasen… Psychiatrist and Research Neuroscientist for this issue on the topic of “Nature/ Nurture”. Acknowledged by her peers as one of the leading researchers in her field, Andreasen is a standing member and fellow [...]

  • Awaken
    views: 2161
    The Emerging Science Of Human Potential - Danielle Graham

    by Danielle Graham: What will our institutions of science be studying in 50 or 100 years? What questions will scientists be asking? What problems will they be addressing and solving? How far will our scientific understanding of nature, life and [...]

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