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“The greatest adventure any of us can embark upon is to look within…”


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Fu-Ding Cheng

Fu-Ding Cheng––visionary filmmaker and shamanic artist–-began his career as a practicing architect, but has since focused his attention on writing, visual media, and spirituality. In 1990, he founded Liquid Light Productions, an organization devoted to exploring paths of self-illumination and mystical adventures through multiple artistic channels.

His multi-faceted career includes a prize-winning series of films, “Zen-Tales for the Urban Explorer” presented as a special retrospective at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, California; album covers (Heart’s Dog and Butterfly); and a children’s book, Dream-House. While teaching film directing at the North Carolina School of the Arts, he pioneered an innovative curriculum, “Shamanic Tools for the Filmmaker.”

However, first priority over all vocational pursuits has been his life-long devotion to the spiritual quest, which led him to journeys East (meditation in the Himalayas, Chinese Kung-Fu), and to journeys West (spiritual-psychology, Meso-American shamanic practice). In 1995, after breakthrough experiences working with world-renowned shaman, don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements), he woke up to a “reality beyond illusions”… and found a life filled with joy and peace.

Since then, through books, films, paintings, and seminars, Fu-Ding has been inspired to share practical pathways to personal freedom for everyone. His latest work is Map of Desirea Blueprint for Self-Fulfillment; a groundbreaking approach devoted to spreading the deepest wisdom to the widest number of people.


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  • Fu-Ding-Cheng-awaken
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    What Is A Shaman? - Fu-Ding Cheng

    Fu-Ding Cheng: A shaman is a person, man or woman, who has the ability to enter altered states of consciousness or spiritual realms, see visions, healings, insights, which they bring back to share with their community. They are people of [...]

  • Awaken
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    Power Journey and Creativity - Fu-Ding Cheng

    by Fu-Ding Cheng: What is a Power Journey? In the Toltec shamanic tradition of Meso-America, “Power Journeys” are excursions to special spots on the earth that emit powerful energy that can be utilized for our own benefit. (They can be seen [...]

  • Awaken
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    People Of Two Worlds The Spirit Dancers

    by Fu-Ding Cheng: Shamans are people of two worlds, the physical and the spiritual…   No wonder shamanism has come to such prominence in the last generation; it allows us to be spiritual without being caught by so many of the [...]

  • 'Teo-Eagle'-Awaken
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    Going Into The Desert The Shamanic 40 Day "Fast"

    by Fu-Ding Cheng:  For those actively on the path, it’s that time again for our yearly purification rite that we call the Shamanic Fast.      The Shamanic 40 Day “Fast”   From Wednesday, February 18 to Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015 This “fast” is [...]

  • Fu-Ding Cheng
    views: 5258
    Map of Desire - Fu-Ding Cheng

    by Erin Grover: Fu-Ding Cheng is a practicing shamanic healer, an artist and filmmaker living in Venice, California. His most recent book, Map of Desire, is a visual and written guide on spiritual development and practice. It’s a culmination of [...]

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