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“All my adult life I have attempted to live with attention to the moment and to respond with my whole self to whatever life presents.”


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Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro is widely recognized as one of the most creative figures in contemporary American Judaism. A graduate of the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, he also holds a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Union Graduate School. An award-winning poet, liturgist, and essayist, his prayers are included in worship services across the denominational spectrum of American congregations.

Shapiro was the founding rabbi of Temple Beth Or in Miami, Florida and senior rabbi of Metivta, a center for contemplative Judaism in Los Angeles, CA. He currently directs the One River Foundation, and is an adjunct professor of religious studies at Middle Tennessee State University. In addition he pursues his first love, writing, through books and a new column, Roadside Assistance for Your Spiritual Journey, in Spirituality & Health magazine.


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    Awaken Interviews Rabbi Rami Shapiro Pt 2 – The Divine Mother Returns

    David Welch: Buddha became enlightened. Jesus obtained Christ Consciousness. Is there some, you know…what might be called, “a more permanent state of being awake”  that is obtainable? Or is it always a process that’s ongoing? Rabbi Rami Shapiro: I think [...]

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    Awaken Interviews Rabbi Rami Shapiro Pt 1 - Everything Is God

    David Welch: First of all, I’m a big fan of yours. If you’ve been on the Awaken site, I’ve tried to gather together the teachers… Rabbi Rami Shapiro: Yeah, I saw that. Thank you for including me. DAVID: The teachers [...]

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    White Supremacy And Judaism: A Response - Rabbi Rami Shapiro

    by Rabbi Rami Shapiro:   After the terrorist attack in El Paso, Rabbi Rami is asked about the Tree of Life Synagogue murders… Shortly after the terror attack in El Paso I received the following email: In light of the recent white supremacist [...]

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    When Will I Know It Is Time To Leave? - Rabbi Rami Shapiro

    by Rabbi Rami Shapiro: “I was not surprised when I got an email through my blog, asking me how we Jews will know when it is time for us to flee the United States for safer ground?”… I am an American Jew, [...]

  • Awaken
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    Rabbi Rami: How Can I Overcome My Fear When Hearing Allahu Akbar?

    by Rabbi Rami Shapiro: Roadside assistance for the spiritual traveler… How can I overcome my fear when hearing a Muslim say, Allahu Akbar? Rabbi Rami: Whenever you hear Allahu Akbar, affirm it: Yes! God is great! Greater than my fear; greater than my [...]

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  1. “If you want love, act lovingly; if you want justice, do justly. This is the wisdom of Mahatma Gandhi: be the change you want to see, not the New Age nonsense of Rhonda Byrne: see the change you want to be.”
  2. “Organized religion is sane and not silly when read as myth and poetry rather than science and law. Religion speaks nonsense when taken literally, but reveals some of the deepest truths of humankind when understood mythically, poetically, and even allegorically—that is when it is read with an active and creative imagination.”
  3. “I understand hell in two ways. First, there is the this-worldly hell I make for myself and others when I fail to act justly and with compassion. Second, there is the other-worldly hell invented by bullies who delight in sadistic fantasies of endless torture and use these fantasies to frighten others into yielding to their will. I take both hells very seriously.
  4. “Religion at its best is holy play.”
  5. “All my adult life I have attempted to live with attention to the moment and to respond with my whole self to whatever life presents.”
  6. “Spiritual practice is conspiratorial rather than inspirational; it conspires to strip away everything you use to maintain the illusion of certainty, security, and self-identity. Where spiritual writing seeks to bind you all the more tightly to the self you imagine yourself to be, writing as a spiritual practice intends to free you” 
  7. “Three rules for writing as a spiritual practice: (1) Don’t write what you know; (2) Don’t write what you don’t know; and (3) Just write. Don’t write what” 

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