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Laura Alden Kamm

Laura grew up in rural Ohio. A world traveler at a young age, she tromped through 16 countries by the time she was 8. After high school, Laura headed to the Ohio State University. Shortly thereafter, she ended up working at the headquarters for the Commander-in-Chief for the North Atlantic Fleet. She married, had two children, and continued to pursue a scholarly vision of creating architecture with an anthropological influence which would infuse the work of her heroes—Margaret Mead, Joseph Campbell, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

While attending Indiana State University in 1982, Laura’s life was transformed when she awoke one morning with a searing pain in her head. Within 11 days she was totally blind. Several hours later, she died in an ambulance.

Laura crossed over to the Other Side and had an extraordinary near-death experience. Her life and mission were forever changed. She recovered from this traumatic illness, partially blind and with a rare and precise gift of inner sight. She described to her neurosurgeon how she physically saw particles and ribbons of colors within and around everything, to which he replied, “Laura, it will be 100 years before Western science finds out what really happened to you.”

Early on, a schism formed between her experiences and skills, and the mainstream world. Laura felt far-flung from what life was supposed to be. But what was life supposed to be? She saw a black hole between science, religion, philosophy, and contemporary spirituality and mysticism. There is an unwillingness to speak of one’s direct experiences with God that fall outside the lines of acceptable dogma. She began to envision intelligent, compassionate conversations about living with hope and fulfillment in our flattening world while being consciously engaged in spirituality and its inherently beautiful, yet, challenging experiences.

As a structural and medical intuitive, she has worked with countless individuals around the world, from all strata of society. Doctors have called Laura a “walking MRI” for her laser-like accuracy in intuitive assessments. She is a popular radio guest and the host of, Laura Kamm Live; words along the way. She has served on research panels, including the National Institute of Health-funded studies on remote healing with HIV/AIDs patients. Laura has also worked with the complementary medicine unit at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York City. Her work has been highlighted inBody + Soul and Better Health and Living magazines, and she is the “Intuitive Development Expert” for Sounds True web channel.


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    Laura Alden Kamm Inspire Someone Everyday!

    by Laura Alden Kamm: Your words and actions have authority and wisdom. Occasionally, we all experience internal vacancies and discouragement as life pushes us into ourselves. When pressure such as this occurs, I view it as a call to action—an [...]

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    Reflections of Your Spirit – Who are you really?

    by Laura Alden Kamm: Buddhism teaches us, above all, that insights perceived through direct life experience cannot be bound by rigid dogma. You are free to explore your own life experiences as authentic and discover the visions and meaning inherent within those [...]

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    Let your Light Shine!

    by Laura Alden Kamm: It’s time to shine! Your light will find a way to shine through any façade you build in an attempt to diminish it.  You can’t really hide your light, your power or your purpose. So take [...]

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    Compliance and Compassion; Living Your Best Everyday

    by Laura Alden Kamm: Years ago while attending the Ohio State University I had to give a speech for a Sociology class. On the day of the event I entered the lecture hall with my thoughts securely in my mind [...]

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    Roll With It Baby

    by Laura Alden Kamm: Recently I was helping a friend as they grappled with tough life-changing issues. As I was dialing in my intuition to “look” at resolutions with her, song lyrics popped into my head. One of the most delightful [...]

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1. “Enlightenment is not found within the shallow furrow of the status quo; for when you stand at the edge of your ego and face the attendant chaos you will illuminate your soul.” 

2. “It is a wise person who understands that miracles are in the moment.”

3. “Life has a 100% mortality rate. Be awake to who you are and what you are here to do now.”

4.     “Your inner wisdom, your intuition, eliminates fear and chaos, leaving you with clarity, direction, and peace of mind.”

5.     “You are a powerful spiritual being; never forget how truly precious you are.”

6. “When you die, you remember what deep spiritual wisdom truly is. Be still and ask; you will remember now.”

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