Influential Past Teachers

Mary Baker Eddy A Heart in Protest

A story regarding some of the remarkable aspects of Mary Baker Eddy – the discoverer and founder of what she termed ‘Christian Science.’This made her the first woman to found a religious organization. Best known for the aspect of ‘spiritual healing,’ what today is referred to as ‘mind/body medicine,’ Christian Science has a long, rich history.

Many, still today, believe Mrs. Eddy as a ‘cult leader’, ‘un-christian’. egomaniac – and many other words and phrases are used to ‘describe” her but Mrs. Eddy has done what most others only profess. She proved what she taught by demonstration.

Although she herself said, that one ‘can only demonstrate what they understand.’ It is obvious that much of what she taught has not yet been ‘demonstrated’ in modern times, but she says, that Jesus had demonstrated all things, even the ‘victory over death’.

Many so-called ‘new age’ concepts can be traced directly back to Mary Baker Eddy, from where it originated in modern times.


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