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The Human Energy Field and Sound Therapy

by Valerie Hunt An isolated truth is not that important. A truth is only important if you make a concept out of it. Once we make a concept we build models, and each one of us is operating on models. I’ll ask you to build some new models. dr. valerie huntThe model I am after is a new model of a human being based on health, consciousness and evolution.

Here are 3 models that make up our belief system:
1) The physiological model has to do with disease: we treat symptoms of disease because we do not know what health is, and we accept the fact that health is the absence of disease.
2) The biochemical model: you’ve read that life started from a chemical soup and then progressed to protozoa. It is not so. It takes an electrical spark: you can have all the chemistry in the world, but if there is no electricity, no power and no charge there is no life. Even the DNA can be altered by the change in consciousness of a human being.
3) The behavioral model has to do with perception, experience, ego, personality, emotion, and brain hemispheres. This model only answers a very small part of human behavior and only memory of life in the current times.
These models are not incorrect, but they are incomplete. Hence the need to find a new model rather than trying to fit our behaviors into a model that does not fit: the current model cannot explain some selections we make or things we perceive. The final instructions are in the new model: the human energy field or the mind of man, a field of energy that incorporates all behaviors, even to the highest level –the level of the soul.
The soul is the apex of the energy field, which holds the memory of everything that has ever occurred to that soul, including other lifehoods. It is also the source of intuition, insight and creativity. These higher-level capacities are not found in the brain (the brain is a dandy computer with a lovely switchboard, but it is not the source of high level creation).  The human field is also the source of mystical experiences.

We have believed in the past that when we have mystical experiences the brain is in alpha or theta. Do you know how narrow alpha and theta waves are? One to two frequency cycles apart! The most creative thing the brain does in alpha or theta state is to get out of the way, so that the mind can take over. As soon as the brain gets out of the way the field of energy expands, soars, catapulting in frequencies. In the field of the brain we may have some psychic experiences, but these do not soar, and they never reach the spiritual experiences or insights. Spiritual vibrations of the field are the highest vibrations I have ever recorded in the human being: here there are no agnostic or atheist; your background may be Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Buddhist, but the spiritual experience is identical when your field advances to a profoundly divine state.

There are some real problems connected with the energy field. The ancients had similar experiences but they did not have scientific answers, so they gave answers based on intuition and referred to parts of the field calling them the emotional body, the spiritual body, the etheric body and the physical body. Scientifically fields are all inside and outside of the body. Bodies have the rigidity of material substances, and when you apply a body concept of layers, you encourage the same rigid concept. But people say: “I see the field”. While it is true that the eye has the finest perception of our five senses, it is also the most distorted: visual information tries to make sense of everything it sees by layering it. Fields do not layer: they fuse, they blend, and they have a rolling effect. I encourage you to stop the layering thinking about the field. We could not understand the field during the material age, but we can now in the atomic age, the age of consciousness.

Everything that exists in space is atomic. All the energy in the world comes from atoms, and energy becomes organized: the atom of my desk and the atom of my ring are exactly the same as my atom; they are only controlled and organized in a different way.
Lightning is organized energy.  A rock is organized energy.

The human energy is organized around emotions. When emotions become disturbed and distorted the energy field suffers, it becomes anticoherent, flighty. Also the old concept about auras, emotional bodies, etheric bodies gave the idea of something from the inside going out, while the field is both inside and outside. It comes from inside the atoms of the body, it manifests outward and transacts with the atoms of the world. Everything that exists in space has an aura, but the human aura is peripatetic: it changes, it flies around, it colors, it becomes quite stationary and rigid at times and it is the most dynamic of all, more than animals or plants because we have capacities that come from higher organization: it is living, changing and growing because we have a soul. And when the soul enters the body (somewhere around the first trimester), it does not come in neutral, it carries the experiences it has had throughout all of its lifehoods.

The energy field lies between the physical organism and the universe. It is the direct interface with every experience this body has. When we are in groups we have interaction: my field meets yours and in the interaction we are changed. Yet sometimes when you introduce two fields neither changes, or only one field changes. This is because the field is always selective.

The way in which the field is organized determines how it affects the human body. With the contaminated and weak electromagnetic energy of your environment you also decrease the energy of the field internally. For proper action the field has to be constantly nourished. Sound and music nourish the field and take us into those places where the brain gets out of the way and allows the field to soar.

All the music you hear must first go through the electromagnetic field of the aura where it becomes colored by how that aura is charged. Everything you hear has to come through the field before it gets to the ear or to the skin, before it can become sensory information. So you are already altered by everything that is on the outside, whether you pay constant attention to it or not. The perception and sensation coming from the outside is then filtered through the energy field, which is emotionally organized and will determine what goes inside via the nerves.

Tissue level
On the very lowest level, the tissue level, we have atoms, molecules and cells. The red orange and amber ( see Music of Light auric sounds) is its primary level of communication. Some of the very primitive movement, the percussive sounds, has the greatest effect upon tissue. The primary problem with injury or surgery occurs first and foremost on the cellular level. You can change the cellular level of healing very fast by using the vibratory type of sounds and imagery that has to do with sensations and feelings. Vibrations here are in the magnetic levels of 7-8 cycle per second.

Neurological level
This is the next level up, the level of integration of the cells, what organizes the very basic tissue energy: the neurological integration of both the motor and sensory stimuli. The music that goes best with neurological integration is rhythmic music with a distinct sound wave. The waltzes are particularly good. To take a person through the complete healing you must have the red for the cells, yellow and green for the neurological, movement integration that is undulating and imagery that is flowing. This is the level of coherency that is so important in healing. If the field is coherent, all of the electrical system inside the field becomes coherent. If the field is incoherent, everything goes awire.

Brain Level
The brain level of cognition is where we record our belief systems (not where we develop them). When there are disturbances at this level, there will be disturbances at all other levels below it. Much of the work done early in hearing loss and speech defects was done at this sensory and perceptual level.
At this level use Gestalt imagery of happiness and ask people to go back and remember the happiest, healthiest, most vibrant time of their lives. That is when the integration will take place. The motion most helpful at this level is not a sophisticated one, but one that goes with coordinated acts such as running, swimming, reflexes.

Field Level
This level is the reception of all stimuli. While the highest vibrations in the nervous system, tissue and brain are 250 cycle/second, here the vibrations are considerably higher and do not even start until 500cycle/sec. That is atomic energy.
Complex music is the answer for such a profound field pattern, in the great classics of Brahms, Beethoven, and Bach. The more complex it is, the closer it comes to nourishing the mystical aspects of the field -high music, beauty, profound meditation takes us into the mystical. The vibrations are exceedingly high, and the emotion we experience is not connected to the physical body as in the old Freudian model. It protects the soul.

Sound, Movement and Diseases. 

Deficiency diseases are very prevalent in our society today because of the emphasis on controlling our emotions. These are the fatigue syndrome, low blood pressure, low hemoglobin, diabetes, and cancer.  I use the dynamic red vibrations with people who have cancer: they lack the low strong vibrations in their field; they do not have a kundalini -the red is gone. These people are sweet, lovable and often scared of anger; they are too good. They need stimulus to the tissue. But they have to be eased into it, otherwise they will reject it immediately.

In the hyper diseases –neurological diseases and pain, there is too much of a certain vibrations. Pain exists when there is too much energy. High blood pressure, all of our skin diseases, arthritis, diseases for which we take tranquilizers. Here the person has very high vibrations that need to be calmed down –the hypertensive are often aggressive athletes, the “get things done” types -. Use water sounds music and take them into big, expansive, flowing movements.

You have probably never heard of barrier diseases before because it is not a medical term, but an energy field term. Because the surface of the body is positively charged and the energy of the field is negatively charged, the field clings to the body. In barrier diseases the person does not transact with the outside world. An example of this is Lou Gehrig’s disease, scleroderma, multiple sclerosis. These are the most difficult to heal. But they do respond to music played throughout the entire day. This helps remove the barrier.

In penetrable diseases the field is penetrable and does not make a selected transaction. People with these diseases are highly dependent; they take in everything from everywhere. Their field is all over the place and can’t discriminate; it is always buffeted and interacted with. They lack power and coherency, so the music must have a smooth quality first, then move right in with power (beat, rock, red from the Music of Light set).
Fractures, contusions and surgery are injuries to the cellular part of the field. Bring energy in, and move it in thought right through the injured area . Start with the blue or high frequencies (Music of Light auric sounds)to calm down the pain and then move on through the full spectrum. Be gentle with the red and orange vibrations as long as there is pain.

Aging degenerative diseases came from the concept of atrophy ( everything starts well and goes downhill). That is still exact for material substances, but living dynamic substances such as the field do not go downhill if you feed it energy. You need a rich electromagnetic environment including sound so that you can nourish yourself.

There are many ways to heal and evolve. You will heal yourself and others on the level of where you are. As you grow in your conscious evolution you will heal at higher levels. Organized vibrations and organized sounds create mass. We can create new tissue in our body: the atoms are available; we can reconstruct them.




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