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Follow Your Inner Guidance to Create a New World and a New Life

by Shakti Gawain:  Many of us started our spiritual journeys with Shakti Gawain by our sides. Her landmark book on spiritual awakening, Living in the Light, gave us permission to walk bold new life paths.

Shakti was a pioneer in this field, along with her creative partner, Marc Allen. Together they formed one of the premier spiritual growth publishing companies in the world—New World Library—all at a kitchen table with just a few dollars in their pockets and conviction in their hearts.

Living in the Light was the book that guided us as we came to know ourselves as spiritual beings. Along with her other book, Creative Visualization (published in the 1970s), we felt well armed to move through the world in a more authentic way, opening to our inner wisdom, living with divine guidance at the fore. This book was important then and it may be even more important now, evidenced by Shakti’s recent statement about her book:

“What I write about in Living In The Light, in some respects, feels even more timely and relevant than when I wrote it. I believe we are in a global healing crisis on many levels; financially, emotionally, spiritually and physically (as a planet). We are struggling with how to resolve the multiple levels of chaos we are experiencing. The path through is the same, to become conscious of how we are living and in the choices we are making. We can do this through connecting with our inner guidance and to also look honestly at what is holding us back from that connection.

Big changes can feel out of control and disastrous. However, these changes can bring attention to what has been hidden, can bring light to what has been swept under the rug, and ultimately can be our path to freedom. This is true healing, which is to reveal the issue or problem, to acknowledge it, and then accept it and bring balance and consciousness to the process. Our inner guidance it what leads us through this process and brings us into balanced living.”


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