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Self-Realization, Love, Presence, Non-Duality, Positive Affirmation, Conscious Evolution

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“In human history there has been a continuous and growing impulse toward the regeneration and transformation of humanity.”


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Barbara Marx Hubbard

Barbara Marx Hubbard has been called “the voice for conscious evolution of our time” by Deepak Chopra and is the subject of Neale Donald Walsch’s new book “The Mother of Invention.” A prolific author, visionary, social innovator, evolutionary thinker and educator, she is co-founder and chairperson of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. She is the producer and narrator of the award-winning documentary series entitled Humanity Ascending: A New Way through Together and has recently partnered with The Shift Network as a global ambassador for the conscious evolution movement; a shift from evolution by chance towards evolution by choice.

Along with Stephen Dinan, she has launched the “Agents of Conscious Evolution” training and is forming a global team to co-produce a global multi-media event entitled, “Birth 2012: Co-Creating a Planetary Shift in Time” on Dec. 22, 2012 ( — a historic, turning-point event; awakening the social, spiritual, scientific, and technological potential of humanity.

In 1984 her name was placed in nomination for the Vice Presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket, calling for a “Peace Room” to scan for, map, connect and communicate what is working in America and the world. Barbara also co-chaired a number of Soviet-American Citizen Summits, introducing a new concept called “SYNCON to foster synergistic convergence with opposing groups. She developed SYNCON conferences to bring together opposing forces to discover the positive benefit of a long range earth-space development program where she worked with builders of the Space Shuttle and continued her passion for an expanded and peace generating space program.

She is a Fellow of The Club of Budapest, and has received an honorary PhD in Conscious Evolution from the Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University. She has established a Chair in Conscious Evolution at Wisdom University and is member of many progressive organizations, including Evolutionary Leaders Group, Global New Thought (AGNT), as well as, The World Future Society.


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    A Tribute to Barbara Marx Hubbard (1929-2019)

    by Carter Phipss:  This is an excerpt from my book, Evolutionaries, published in 2012… Barbara died last night, and in honor of her life and work, I wanted to put this on my blog—the story of a pioneering woman and a remarkable [...]

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    Replacing Our 'War Rooms' With 'Peace Rooms'

    by Barbara Marx Hubbard: We are facing, as Bruce Lipton and Deepak Chopra recently wrote, the possibility of the collapse of our life support system… Or, I believe, the emergence of something new, something better than we have ever known [...]

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    Replacing Our 'War Rooms' with 'Peace Rooms'

    by Barbara Marx Hubbard: Evolution is evolving from unconscious chance to conscious choice. We are entering the first age of conscious evolution. Why? Because we obviously affect our own evolution by all the choices we make — from the food we eat, [...]

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  1. "The social potential movement is on the threshold of a mass awakening, seeking to carry into society what individuals have learned spiritually and personally."
  2. "Common sense dictates that we evaluate our beliefs on the basis of how they affect us. If they make us more loving, creative, and wise, they are good beliefs. If they make us cruel, jealous, depressed and sick, they cannot be good beliefs."
  3. "Transformationally motivated people are the growing edge of a great continuity of souls reaching back to the very earliest times."
  4. "Whatever we are going through is part of the planetary struggle to evolve."
  5. "In human history there has been a continuous and growing impulse toward the regeneration and transformation of humanity."
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