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The Human Energy Field

by :  Everything in the universe is made of energy. Physicists have proven that down to the tiniest measurable sub-particles; the same swirling matter that continuously changes and manifests itself in new forms, permeates every part of existence. The Human Energy FieldThis is not limited to only the external world, but includes our own make-up as well. Our human bodies contain various systems that allow it to function normally. These systems compliment and co-depend on one another. Our skeletal system sets the backbone for our muscular system; our muscular system works in harmony with our nervous system; and the circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, digestive, excretory, reproductive, and immune systems fall into place accordingly. Although it may be harder to conceptualize, there is another system that helps to keep the body functioning at full capacity.

This is the energetic system.

The energetic system is made up of an energy field, or aura, that encapsulates the body and connects to all our other systems. Scientists have been investigating the existence of an aura for more than a hundred years. Christian, Buddhist, Tibetan, Native American, and Celtic traditions have documented the human aura for thousands of years. In Stanley Krippner’s book, Future Science, he lists 97 different cultures that at some point reference the human aura.

In the 1930s Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian invented a new photographic process that involves directing a high-frequency electrical field at an object. Not only does the auric field show up in the stills, but it changes and mutates depending on different emotional, mental, and physical states. In the late 1900s a group of soviet scientists, from the Bio-information institute of A.S. Popow, discovered that living organisms emit energy vibrations at a frequency between 300 and 2,000 nanometers. They coined this energy the “biofield.” This “biofield” has been confirmed by the Science Academy in Moscow and by research in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland. Countless other experiments have been done to further exemplify the human energy field including verifying colors, shapes, and sizes depending on the person.

From a scientific perspective, the aura, or bio-magnetic field, gives messages about events taking place inside the body that one could not normally read from the outside. Many alternative medicine practitioners describe it is the “dis-ease” or disharmony in the auric field that acts as a warning sign for physical ailments and sicknesses in the physical body.

According to traditional Chinese medicine the human energy field or aura works accordingly with the meridian lines in the human body (these are the lines that acupuncture needles are put into during a session.) In Ayurvedic medicine it flows in and out of the chakra system harmoniously (the seven swirling vortexes of light that run up the spinal cord). Both the meridian system and chakra system act as an essential part of our energetic system. Disharmony, blockages, or stagnation found, ultimately correspond to disharmony in the mental or physical body.

The famous former NASA physicist, clairvoyant and energy healer Barbara Brennan depicts the aura as having seven distinct layers that succeed and interpenetrate one another in her book, Hands of Light. In general, she claims that each layer is fundamentally connected with a corresponding chakra and particular part of human existence. The first layer is associated with the Root chakra and physical functioning and physical sensation. The second is associated with the Sacral chakra and emotional life of human beings and feelings. The third is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, mental processes, and linear thinking. The fourth is associated with the Heart chakra and feelings of love for human mates and humanity. The fifth is associated with the Throat chakra and a higher morality and connection with some form of divine or deity. The sixth is associated with the Pineal or Third Eye chakra and the highest feeling of love and kindness; a love for the universe and a feeling of ultimate connection and oneness with all. Lastly, the seventh layer is associated with the Crown chakra and all, “spiritual and physical make-up.”

The point of Brennan’s work as a clairvoyant is to be able to read these layers of the aura and use them as a starting point for working as a counselor to help heal people with emotional or physical trauma. If research continues in the field of human energy and auras, western medicine one day may be able to use them as complementary evidence of a particular trauma in a human being. For instance, Brennan claims that after working with hundreds of patients she is able to tell where a hernia or tumor is located in the body just by studying a person’s aura. If doctors could be trained to “see and feel” these auras as many already have in institutions such as the Barbra Brennan School of Healing

or the Berkeley Psychic Institute, hospitals, specialists, and walk-in clinics could help prevent diseases or treat them before it’s too late.


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