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Honor Your Soul’s Journey by Paying Attention to Your Intentions

Gary ZukavThe Seat of the Soul:  Your spiritual journey requires that you become emotionally aware, learn to make responsible choices, and use that ability to align your personality with your soul. Your intentions determine the trajectory of your life. If you are not aware of them, you follow a path that may lead you to places that you do not want to go. When you become aware of your emotions, learn to make responsible choices, and strive to create with the intentions of your soul, you encounter every part of your personality that opposes those intentions and are given the opportunity to challenge and change them. —

Honor Your Soul's Journey by Paying Attention to Your Intentionsby :  In my spiritual mentoring practice there is a prerequisite question I ask every person before beginning my work with them: Do you consider yourself to be on a spiritual journey? While some people may not think in these terms, the reality is everyone is on a spiritual journey because that is the nature of their being. We exist in a multidimensional spiritual universe, and we were each soul beings before we were born, are soul beings now, and shall be after we leave this planet. Every human being is on the spiritual journey of a lifetime. The only debatable question is where is the journey taking us and are we even aware that we are on the journey?

Once we become aware that we are on a spiritual journey we can begin to consciously explore the purpose, direction and meaning of this expedition called life. Whether we are aware of it or not, we each live by intention. Many of us would like to believe otherwise because we may not like where the journey appears to be taking us. However, every choice we make announces our intentions to the universe.

It is only through the process of becoming consciously aware that we can begin to challenge and change the intentions that have set the compass for our journey thus far. When we can become the conscious observer of our choices we are then free to make another choice that better serves our higher purpose. As a result, as we awaken to making more conscious choices, the lower personality-self always yields to the higher vibration of the soul-self.

Have you spent much time contemplating your journey? How much attention are you giving to your intentions? It is quite possible that your soul’s purpose and intention may differ from your personality’s (ego) intention. How “conscious” are the choices you have been making? It’s easy to discern because your emotions won’t lie.

As a mindfulness practice, witness your feeling nature as you ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my daily choices driven by unconscious habits, fears, doubts and insecurities, or love and trust, knowing the universe supports me in my deepest intentions?
  • Do my choices incorporate harmony, sharing, cooperation and reverence for life?
  • Do my choices include intentions that honor my body, my relationships, my world, and most importantly, my own soul?
  • Are the choices I am making every day creating authentic power for me (which comes from within when my soul and personality are aligned), or are my choices placing my power outside of myself, causing me to look to other people, places and things for power, approval, purpose and direction?

The journey of our soul really is the journey of a lifetime, and it’s a journey we get to take whether we are aware or not. If you are alive you are on the journey. With this in mind, may your journey be a conscious one where the intentions of your soul intersect with the intentions of your human nature on a daily basis, bringing both into alignment every moment of your life. That is what it means to experience heaven on earth. You deserve it — and so does our world.

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Dennis Merritt Jones

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