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The Woman Behind Eden Energy Medicine: An Interview With Donna Eden

by Janna Messing: The following interview was written for a special issue, “The Spirit of Donna Eden‘s Energy Medicine” of the magazine InnerResources Magazine. (more…)

Alan Watts On The Importance Of Letting Go

by Alan Watts: We think of letting go as something you need to do to relax: a return to a state of flow and calm… (more…)

Stop Surviving and Start Thriving in Your Life – Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson brings light onto how we see our lives and ways to recognize inspiration. (more…)

About Original & Wild Voice In Speaking and Writing – Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés: July 13, 2010 “Over these many decades, I find unequivocally that each person has a unique one-of-a-kind way to speak/write in their own voice,  (more…)

August Transmutation News 2018 – Sandra Ingerman

by Sandra Ingerman: I want to thank everyone for the beautiful messages I received about the July Transmutation News… (more…)

A Spiritual Mystery: Does God Listen to Prayers? (Part III) – Deepak Chopra

by Deepak Chopra, M.D: It may sound odd at first, but there are ways to improve the chances that God will answer your prayer… (more…)

How to Recognize Your Inner Critic – Sharon Salzberg

by Sharon Salzberg: There’s a tiny voice in the back of our minds that plays off our greatest anxieties, giving its dialogue an addictive quality… (more…)

What Can I Do To Feel Happier – Tony Robbins

by Tony Robbins: Figuring out how to become a better person is no easy task… (more…)