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Dhanpal-Donna Quesada: The Life-Changing Practice of Presence

Dhanpal-Donna Quesada talks about the life-changing practice of presence and gratitude at Yoga West, Los Angeles, “Home of Kundalini Yoga.” (more…)

Marion Woodman 8 Ways of Looking at Power: The Power of the Feminine

We’ve invented the wheel, cracked the code of DNA—so what’s next for humankind? Marion Woodman, a pioneering Jungian analyst  (more…)

In The Pure Land Of The Present Moment

by Sister Dang Nghiem:  : A discourse by the Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh, as told by his disciple Sister Dang Nghie… (more…)

Ananda Giri: Suffering Results From Meaning, Not Situations

by Ananda Giri: I am certain most of us would agree with the view that “suffering” has been one of humanity’s biggest challenges… (more…)

Caroline Myss: What Is The Purpose Of Spirituality?

by Caroline Myss: The spiritual path is a journey of constant preparation and refinement… (more…)

Walk Out of Your Dream: A Meeting With Adyashanti

by Mark Matousek: What do spiritual masters know about the mind? (more…)

Tara Brach-The Space Between Stories

by Tara Brach: These days we are seeing all around us a lot of turbulence, inner and outer… (more…)