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Replacing Our ‘War Rooms’ With ‘Peace Rooms’

by : We are facing, as Bruce Lipton and Deepak Chopra recently wrote, the possibility of the collapse of our life support system… (more…)

What Is Heaven And What Is Enlightenment?

by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: You still have a lot of time left to know about heaven! There is no use in knowing about heaven now otherwise there will not be any excitement left when you actually get there! (more…)

The Monk Who Taught The World Mindfulness Awaits The End Of This Life

by Liam Fitzpatrick: At a Buddhist temple outside Hue, Vietnam’s onetime capital, 92-year-old Thich Nhat Hanh has come to quietly “transition,” as his disciples put it… (more…)

The Dalai Lama On A Human Approach To World Peace

by The Dalai Lama: Anger plays no small role in current conflicts such as those in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the North-South problem, and so forth… (more…)

Louise Hay: How To Love Yourself

Louise L. Hay discusses how we can control our thoughts and offers simple ways to start loving yourself. (more…)

Donna Eden – Connecting Heaven and Earth

Donna Eden shows her Energy Exercise Connecting Heaven and Earth which helps move stress out of the body, get rid of other peoples negative energies. (more…)

Trusting the Gold (retreat talk) – Tara Brach

by Tara Brach: When we are unaware of the emotions and beliefs that shape our experience… (more…)