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5 Green Tea Benefits for Teeth & Oral Health

by Jessica Thomas: When it comes to healthy beverages, green tea is one of the world’s best. All true tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant (herbal tea/tisanes are not the true tea)…


However, the method of preparation differs between oolong and black teas, and green teas. Unlike the former, green tea is not the product of any withering or oxidation process. Consequently, it retains a high percentage of beneficial antioxidants.

Unsweetened, green tea has zero calories. Research has uncovered multiple other health benefits. This article looks at 5 ways green tea can benefit the health of your teeth, gums, and mouth as a whole.

1. Protects against plaque and cavities

Green tea inhibits the growth of bacteria, thanks to the presence of a catechin antioxidant called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate). That means definite protection against the key mouth-bacteria called Streptococcus mutans and others. Rinsing your mouth with green tea will not only reduce the bacteria there but also reduce acidity and bring down any gum bleeding. Fewer bacteria means less chance for dental plaque, which in turn, keeps cavities away. Taking green tea without sugar provides even better protection from the cavities.

If you drink green tea regularly, it in combination with your toothpaste or mouthwash becomes a more effective weapon against viruses than either alone. You can also store some in a media bottle and use as a mouthwash.

2. Controls periodontal disease 

As per a Japanese study that appeared in the Journal of Periodontology, green tea could help decrease symptoms of periodontal disease. The study which analyzed men in the age group of 49 to 59 found the periodontal health of those who regularly consumed green tea to be superior to that of those who didn’t.

Green tea’s power over periodontal disease may be attributed to the anti-inflammatory properties of catechins contained in it. It may thus help to prevent further periodontal damage or even promote periodontal health.

Green tea bags may be applied topically to stop gum bleeding following a tooth extraction.

3. Can give you an odor-free breath

By virtue of its ability to kill smelly microbes that invade the mouth, green tea can help you keep your breath clean, fresh and odour-free. So, you no longer have to feel conscious when conversing with someone sitting next to you.

Research shows that green tea scores higher than chewing gums, parsley seed oil and mints in the matter of reducing halitosis (bad breath). This is owing to its deodorant and disinfectant capabilities.

4. Averts tooth decay and loss

Green tea stops bacteria in its tracks and controls periodontal disease. Healthier gums mean less possibility for tooth decay and loss. People who drink unsweetened green tea daily are less inclined to suffer tooth loss when compared to coffee drinkers. What’s more, green tea contains fluoride which aids in protecting the teeth.

5. May protect against cancer

The antioxidants in green tea assist with defending the mouth against cellular damage and the development of cancerous tumors. As per a research study, when patients with oral precancerous lesions were given green tea extract, the progression of the lesions to oral cancer was slowed down.

Bad oral health has a bearing on the health of the rest of your body. It has been frequently indicated that people with periodontitis could run a greater risk of developing heart disease. Although the dental procedures have become relatively easy and pain free due to dental sedation process, it’s still advised to consider complementing your brushing and flossing with daily green tea consumption for improved safety and health of your teeth and gums.

Source: 33rd Square


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