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Activities Women Do To Feel Better

by Jessie Hogarth: A lot of women have the confidence and self-esteem concerns, but…


the good news is that it[s something that can always improve.  It is not rare that less accomplished people have more self-esteem than people who are hard-working and in the constant improvement process. Some people say that the more you know, the less you feel like you do. This can apply to self-worth as well. The more you work on yourself, the more you realize the field of change is infinite. However, you should definitely learn how to be happy with what you’ve already accomplished. Keep improving yourself on the ground of being happy just the way you are. Here are some tips on how to improve your self-esteem.

Always look nice

It is time-consuming and exhausting to always try to look perfect, but you can always look nice. Take additional 15 minutes before you go out to iron that dress you like and get it out of the closet for a while. If you don’t have enough time for full makeup, just put some mascara and a lipstick. It’s basic but it makes a big difference. It will reflect the way you feel about yourself that day. And by doing so every day, you will nourish these feelings all the time and they will become your habit.

Me time

Makeup can cover impurities, but it’s important to nourish your natural beauty as well. Take Sundays, for example, and make an hour for a personal spa treatment. Take a long bath with some salts in it, do a peel-off treatment of your body and face, wear a nourishing face and hair mask for 20 minutes and rise as a new person. If you stick to these little rituals every week, they will leave a trace of constant care on your face and make you look fresh and beautiful.

Things I like and things I don’t like about myself

Make a list of the things you like and you dislike about yourself. The dislike list can be your starting point for a change or improvement and building self-esteem. Let the positive list be two or three times longer than the negative. Name at least 100 good things that you have done and accomplished by now or just some good habits and characteristics. Read them from time to time to remind yourself of all the great things about you.

Keep your diary

Diary doesn’t always have to be an obligation we impose to ourselves. It can be putting down an occasional thought or two. Whenever there’s something worth remembering, good or bad, have a little notebook to write it down. Some memorable events and how you felt about them. Re-reading this little notes will help you realize how much you’ve grown and what things you surpassed over years.

Chill out

There’s a great line from the movie, ‘Bridge of Spies’. Tom Hanks turns to this guy and says: ’Don’t you ever worry?’, and the guy replies:  ’Would it help?’

Somehow it became normal to be stressed about every little thing, including traffic, our pushy bosses and small fights with the partner. Next time you start piling the bad stuff and becoming angry or upset, stop for a while, take a deep breath and ask yourself, “would it actually help?” Most of the time, the answer is no.

Think positive

Thinking positive is a way of approaching life. It doesn’t mean ignoring your problems or pretending like everything that happens is a good thing. It is simply a habit of saying “ok, that just happened, let’s see what are my best options.” Not dwelling on regrets, self-loath and mourning, but surpassing those bad feelings and trying to accept the present.

Get in shape

Being physically active improves your looks, but also releases the toxins from your body and produces hormones that make you feel relaxed and happy. Whether you like to practice alone or in the group, you have plenty of choices nowadays. Yoga classes, different types of aerobic/fitness, or just some jogging or riding women’s bikes can improve the overall state of your body. Explore the options and start taking care of your physical health.

Tidy up

Every evening, before you go to bed, tidy up your room just a bit. Put the dirty socks in the laundry, fold the papers on your desk, put all the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Removing small clutter can make a big difference. It will make every morning feel like a fresh start. Over time it will develop into a nice habit.

Avoid situations that make you feel bad about yourself

We all have those kinds of people in our lives that make us feel bad or diminish self-esteem. Whether is the way they are treating us or their constant bragging about themselves causing us to feel bad, give yourself a luxury of simply avoiding them. It’s the same with the relatives. We all have at least one aunt who is going too far with questions about our marital status or plans for the future. A Christmas card and occasional phone call are enough for that kind of people.

Set goals

Set some goals every few months, so you can actually track your own improvement and challenge yourself a bit. It can be weight loss, learning a new language, reading some book you always wanted or painting your living room. After you’ve set and accomplished certain things that can be measured by the eye, you will feel in control over your life.

Confidence is like a plant and contributes to self-esteem. You need to water it, pick the dry leaves, direct it towards the Sun, even change the pot if needed. Every effort will show, so don’t neglect your self-esteem as it is what keeps you going through life.

What are you going to do to make yourself feel good today?

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