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The Benefit Of Hair

by Yogi Bhajan: The hair is said to govern the tenth body…


Cutting the hair diverts energy to its regrowth; leaving it uncut allows the body to divert that energy to the Radiant Body. If you ever feel your energy start to dip wash your hair, or brush it with a wooden comb. You’ll stimulate the energy meridians on the scalp and feel refreshed. Wrap it up on your head in a kind of crown and feel yourself stand a little straighter. Give it a try!

Excerpt from a lecture by Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan on October 22, 1981

…mostly people do not know what to do with their hair. God is funny.  God gave three feet long hair on the top of the skull.  Man has never understood what is their purpose. Now, if you don’t understand the purpose, then you must understand God is gone berserk.  What to do with it? Make it possible to ask anybody a question why among all living creatures, that’s a one question, it’s a very unique question; why among all living creatures, human being has longest hair on the head?

rishi-knot-300x300-awakenOur society is millions years old and this question has not been answered. We have found the purpose of going to the moon; we are looking into the, now you know what they are looking, it, now they are looking into Saturn, because it’s a pure carbon.  Perhaps crystallization can be found and lot of diamonds can be loaded to India, here vapas back to country. I mean, they are trying to find every purpose.  A man is unable to find one purpose; why there is a longest grown hair on the scalp of the man and what for? I am not going to tell you either.

Students: (Laughter.)

YB: But they are very much required though I can tell you that.

The entire body magnetic field… Now look at this one advantage of this. I give you the simplest; the entire magnetic field of the body depends upon which side of this time and which time of this day you comb your hair.  You can change the metabolism and the magnetic field of the entire body by just combing the hair. I mean, it’s no big deal. It’s very fascinating to know, if you keep your hair tied during the day at the sun point of the head and at night you let it go down, it will make you very healthy. I am not saying if you do that and take potassium cyanide with it you will live.

Students: (Laughter.)

YB: I don’t mean that, but it will give you a very wonderful control.  Because with my own eyes, I have seen people who have never cut their hair from their head ever and they have maintained them clean and healthy and at the age of ninety-two, they look like forty-one. There is a lot of strength.

Everybody reads in bible; what is that story? Delilah. And after reading that story, everybody wanted to be Delilah.

Students: (Laughter.)

YB: Nobody wants to be Samson.

After smuggling dope and drugs in United Sates, hairdo is the biggest industry.  Do you know that?  Because we do not know what is what. And it is fascinating; it is the most fascinating point to me.  It may not be fascinating to you that we stand before our mirror and we decide that we should look more beautiful. We stand before mirror and we do not accept we are beautiful. Do you know that?  Do you know this problem?

It is called mental self-coercion, we curse ourselves. We stand before a mirror and we never say “thank you God, that you have given this day to look at myself.  I am thy creature, bless me.” No we don’t do that.  We start doing things; changing; thinking to change; addition and alteration.  Because basically, we have never accepted what God has given us. When we have not accepted who we are, why you expect people should accept you who you are? So what we do? We do lot of talking; lot of talking to convince people we are beautiful.

Source: sikhdharma


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  1. Gary Hobbins says:

    Yogi Bhajan also propounds that the longer our hair is(beards also) that the better hairs will serve as antennas to pick up broadcasts or waves of the cosmos. We need to try this and sense into ourselves to find this out. This adds reasoning to the conclusion that women have been and are more intuitive than men. It does not have to be long forever.

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