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Spring Detox For Women: Mind & Body

by  : The sun is out and the flowers are waking up from their deep sleep:


Spring is finally here. But the long-awaited season has left some of us feeling like we are still buried underneath the snow, longing for a fresh start. And if you also feel like your body is heavy with toxic chemicals and toxic thoughts, then it’s the right time for a top-to-bottom detox. But don’t even think about any dangerous juice cleanses and slimming teas, as those can be dangerous and unhealthy. Here are some proper ways to wake up your body and get energized for the season to come.

Switch to a fresh diet

Spring Detox: Body, Mind and Spirit for Women

The stores and markets are finally beginning to fill with fresh, organic produce. And after a long season of eating potatoes and frozen veggies, it’s time to get some lovely fresh greens in and do a healthy eating detox. Try to buy local produce and do as little processing as possible. Most veggies can be cut up into a wonderful, fresh salad or blended into refreshing smoothies. And for something sweet, don’t go for the pantry – go for the fruit basket. It’s nature’s own candy. It will not only satisfy your craving, but it will also give you a boost of energy, instead of draining you. Eating clean is a great way to slowly get rid of the toxins in your body by filling yourself with clean, fresh food.

Have a tranquility zone

Spring Detox: Body, Mind and Spirit for Women

We live very busy lives, and it’s not exactly possible to put life on hold while we do our spring detox. This is why it’s important to create a space for yourself within your home that will be your oasis. A place where you go to calm and recollect yourself. What that space will be depends solely on your interests: it can be a quiet reading corner, a space to practice yoga, or simply an armchair next to a window where you can sit and unwind. Make sure that the space is clean and fresh by finding the best air purifier for mold. Add comfortable cushions, practical lights and anything you need to feel comfortable and at peace. Perhaps this space needs to be small enough so that you are alone there, or perhaps it is a space where you can fit together with a loved one.

Wake your body up

When it’s cold outside, we tend to move less, and our metabolisms slow down. This is, among other things, what can lead to the buildup of toxins in your body. So when the sun warms up the world outside your door, it’s time to give it everything you’ve got. Ditch your car and start walking or biking to work. It will get your blood flowing and help with your daily exercise. If you need something to help you get out of bed in the morning, then bed yoga is a perfect thing, and making little pauses throughout the day to give a bit more time to yoga will help you stay focused and energized. Use the sunshine and bring some of your activities outdoors, even if it means sitting on the grass with your laptop and getting some work done. Make sure you stay hydrated, because a body that lacks water will always be tired, and you will have a harder time getting rid of toxins, which are naturally flushed out through sweating and urine.

Clear your mind

Spring Detox: Body, Mind and Spirit for Women

It’s a brand new season and it’s time to leave some things in the past. If you feel like you have any negative feelings that keep creeping up on you, confront them. You will never be able to move forward if you are tied to the things behind you. Say goodbye to people that don’t do you any good. Cut out toxic interactions and create a sustainable space that you love to live in. Do something you love every day and express your gratitude for the things you have, and practice self-care. Give your mind some peace in this busy world and make sure you listen to your emotions.

Just like everything in nature, we have our cycles, and spring is the perfect time to start blooming. Everything around you will start to wake up and get to work, so make sure you are ready to keep up with it with a clear mind and body by trying a full body and lifestyle detox.  It will do your spirit wonders.  See more from Empower The Dream below.

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