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Byron Katie: ‘Just Ask Yourself, Is That Thought Really True?’

by John-Paul Flintoff: Byron Katie was deeply depressed when a radical change left her joyful. She now uses her secret to help others – whether brutalised by war or merely stressed…


For a long time, Byron Katie’s children thought she was having them on. Her character seemed to change overnight, and they didn’t trust her one bit.

For 10 years – until that day – she had spiralled into rage, paranoia and despair, becoming so depressed she seldom left her house. She’d stayed in bed for weeks at a time, and her children learned to tiptoe past her door to avoid her furious outbursts.

But one morning, when she was 43, she woke up on the floor of a halfway house for women with eating disorders, and everything seemed different.

Something in her mind had shifted, and Katie suddenly understood that all the things that had been giving her so much stress were just thoughts.

Stressful thoughts, but not reality. So she could let them go.

“Laughter welled up from the depths and just poured out,” she remembers. “Everything was unrecognisable.”

The change that came over her was astonishing. And everybody at home thought it was too good to be true.

Her daughter Roxann was particularly suspicious and used to be scared to be in the same room as her mother. What was she to make of this woman who seemed “joyful and innocent like a child, and filled with love” (as Roxann put it)?

Source: The Guardian


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