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5 Ways Female Entrepreneurs Can Make A Great First Impression

by Although some things have changed for the better, we can still say that the world of business is still seen as predominantly reserved for men, but…


an increasing number of women have made it to the top, thus blazing a trail for numerous other female entrepreneurs. It’s undeniable that some deeply rooted notions can’t be easily changed and that there’s still too much to work on in order to achieve gender equality. However, women have proved themselves as great entrepreneurs and crucial factors are their persistence and attitude. Statistics say that nowadays as many as 10 million businesses in the U.S. are owned by women.  Since it’s all about first impressions, here are some tips on how to show what you’re made of.

Give a killer business presentation

This is an excellent way of making a great first impression and dispelling any doubts that people may have about your skills and expertise. You will shine when you prepare everything meticulously and walk the extra mile in order to show your full potential. The key to giving a good business presentation is in structuring it around the main point and including only the necessary information. Don’t try to dazzle your audience with too many cool slides, and instead of that focus on how to present your bottom line in a persuasive manner. It’s important to engage with your audience, which means that you have to know exactly who you’re addressing in order to tailor your presentation and calibrate your mindset accordingly. The thing is that no two presentations you deliver should be the same, and you need to make adjustments in order to establish a connection with your audience.

Build engaging rapport

When it comes to establishing a genuine connection with your audience, it’s important to pay attention to your body language and show that you’re confident, measured, and approachable. Being open to questions and discussion is essential, and you can achieve this by ensuring that your whole body, not just your head, is facing the audience. Many presenters tend to avoid eye contact, which is a big mistake because that way you’ll come off as insecure or even disinterested. Building rapport is crucial for a successful presentation. This is especially important during the Q&A section when you actively interact with your audience, so make sure that you listen very carefully and understand what exactly they want to know.

Stylish promotional materials

You’re more likely to make a memorable first impression if your promotional materials are well-designed and stylish. Every detail is important, and you shouldn’t leave colors, fonts, images, and taglines to chance. Again, knowing your audience is of vital importance, because only then will you be able to communicate the right message. In business, image is everything, as even some research studies have shown that emotions beat fact and logic when it comes to decision-making, so don’t play with your reputation and make sure that every promotional item you use shows your company in the best possible light. It’s extremely important to find a reliable printing agency that will design and print high-quality business cards and make your logo stand out and be memorable.

Dress up

First impressions heavily rely on physical appearance, and women are usually subjected to heightened scrutiny when it comes to the way they look and dress. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should buy expensive, flashy, designer clothes, but to opt for some classic suits and costumes that will make you look professional. If you work in the finance industry, for example, darker pieces are desirable, while some other niches, such as art or design, allow a certain degree of creativity and personal style.

It’s all in the preparation

Some people are predisposed to be more confident, but even if you aren’t one of them you can always resort to the fake-it-till-you-make-it approach. Although this maybe sounds like a piece of advice from a self-help book, the truth is that it actually works once you start doing it persistently. Preparation can help you reduce anxiety and feel more comfortable with yourself, so before any important meeting or presentation, you should think about what you’re going to say, how you’re going to formulate your ideas and make a plan. Practicing in front of a mirror is excellent for improving your posture and body language, but it’s not exactly an interactive situation, so it’s best to make an experiment and deliver your speech or presentation in front of a smaller audience consisting of your friends and acquaintances.

Maybe we still live in a man’s world, but female entrepreneurs have started dismantling that traditional, deeply rooted concept, so learn how to make a stunning first impression and join them at the top.

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