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The Sage Within – Guru Singh

Imagine what your life would be like, if questions became answers; problems turned into solutions; areas of challenge shifted to resolution.


Imagine bringing renewed stability to all areas of your life – health, career, finances, relationships, community.

Imagine having the courage to rise up and face any difficulty in these areas with humility and grace.

See yourself stepping boldly into your own unique light.

The key to this is understanding that all of the friction you might experience in your world is the fuel and raw material for igniting your light.

Quite simply, how you approach this friction and stress determines whether it disrupts you or inspires you toward your goals.

How can you achieve all that you are looking  for and create transformation within your life?

It begins with two things: purpose and intention.

When you clearly identify both, you begin to speak deeply to a part of you – a part of each one of us – that is the Sage Within.

Birthing into this place of spirit was accomplished by all the Sages, Prophets, Avatars, Messiahs and Masters throughout history. Many stories have been created about these great ones. In these stories, all that they accomplished is often determined to be beyond “normal” human capacity.

It is not.

Instead, their lives are an example of what we are all capable of achieving, through our abundant reservoir of wisdom and strength.

Now is the time to learn from their examples and continue your journey forward.

Tap into your abundant reservoir of wisdom and strength – reaching your fullest potential, in order to create a better world for yourself and all those you come in contact with.


In The Sage Within You’ll Learn To…

Connect to the Rich and Abundant Reservoir of Grace, Wisdom, and Strength Within You

Through Kundalini Yoga, meditation, pranayam, and lecture, you will learn to ignite the higher frequency of your being to accomplish the goals that deliver your destiny.

Supercharge Your Authentic Self to Best Serve Your Purpose and Environments

You will develop the capacity to rise above the trauma and drama of the world at play and fuel your deep desire to be a conscious player of solution and resolution. You will learn to, as Yogi Bhajan would say, “be the answer not the question.”

Awaken Your Physical and Spiritual Bodies Simultaneously

Develop physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength, to anchor in your grit and elevate in your spirit, so you may uplift yourself and those in need.

Activate Your Higher Awareness and Vitality

In Kundalini Yoga, alignment of the spine, proper postures of the body, and synchronized movement all balance to heighten your awareness and increase your vitality. When you are in alignment, you’re able to make deeper connections, connect to the universal mind, and access your highest source of clear thoughts.

Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

As Guru Singh says, “With exact and correct angles, which are intuitive responses rather than reactions to each moment, you can turn all of the “lemons” of your moments into lemonade. This course helps you realize this use for lemons. You sweeten your attitude with your awareness and deliver this deliciousness to the thirst of the world.”

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