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I’m Afraid Of Trump—The Work Of Byron Katie

by Byron Katie: A woman suffering from a deep-seated fear of Donald Trump questions her many thoughts about him…

“He will create concentration camps,” she has written on her Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet, “cause a nuclear war, and ruin the environment. I want him to not be president, to disappear, or at least to get a better, kinder set of cabinet members. He should step aside and offer the space to Hillary Clinton or another Republican candidate. Trump shouldn’t say things that are racist, sexist, able-ist, homophobic, and xenophobic.” Slowly, with Katie’s help, she questions these terrifying thoughts, sometimes with the help of the audience, and the heaviness of the thoughts begins to dissolve. After completing the inquiry, she has a moment of insight, as she realizes that it is the thoughts that create her fear, not Trump. She proceeds to tear up her Worksheet in a flourish of delight, to cheers from the audience. Katie turns to her with a smile and says, “You’ve just made America great again!”

Source: AWAKEN


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  1. RipplesGuy says:

    Before watching this video, I had heard/read a lot about Byron Katie and appreciated several quotes attributed to her, and had googled “The Work” enough to know the four questions and the basics. This video was captivating–it gave me a sense of her process, and gave me some practical ways to help people in my life reframe some of the thoughts/feelings that I believe are keeping us from moving forward in a meaningful way. I’ve already recommended this video to several people. THANKS SO MUCH for sharing it here!

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