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How The The Power Of AI Could Change Our Lifestyles

by Kevin Faber:  Whether the impact of this emerging science is positive or negative is left for individuals to decide…


But then, there is no doubt that artificial intelligence is a companion that needs to be tamed and control to ensure safety for humanity.

Could Lose Your Job to a Robot?

Shortly before the industrial revolution, there was widespread panic about machines doing the work of humans and eventually making many jobless. Well, that ended up not being as true as people thought and the world is better for it. That kind of panic, however, is gradually coming back, and many people are afraid for their jobs. The capabilities of AI has shown that jobs like telemarketing, tax accounting, freight agents, and many other jobs that follows patterns and routine are not safe. However, jobs that involve complex rational decision making and interaction with other individuals like in writing, health care professionals, artists, and leadership, are perceived to be safer.

Space Exploration Getting a Boost

Space exploration is already making use of AI to travel to other planets, collect data, transfer data, and analyze data for conclusive assessment. We are going to see more of this in the future as space exploration advances. Eventually, people will be able to travel to space cheaper and faster. AI technology will also make it possible for scientists to quickly detect problems and provide solutions before they happen, during manned explorations.

Smart Home Devices Are Changing Everything

Home alarm systems, wearable devices, and smart light bulbs are just a few of the devices that are built with AI to improve the way we live. With the help of AI, these devices can study your daily routine and suggest how to improve your living conditions. They can also help you to:

  • Save and conserve energy
  • Improve your comfort and entertainment
  • Improve security system for the home
  • Improve temperature control and air quality
  • Play an important role in reinventing interior decoration

Data Analysis

Many companies, both small and large, now see the importance of not just collecting data but analyzing it to improve their product and service delivery. The marriage of big data and AI in particular industries is already generating so much excitement as it has been shown to provide a massive opportunity for information management. AI is also playing a huge role in helping companies transfer raw data into machine learning systems for proper analysis. Data cleaning services are springing up everywhere and offering businesses a technology that checks for errors in data before feeding them into Artificial intelligence systems.

Weather Forecasting

Food security is a big issue in a world that is having a hard time controlling human population. AI technology is being merged with existing weather forecasting technologies to improve the accuracy of detection, prediction, and disaster prevention. This will have a massive impact on agriculture as farmers will be provided with near-perfect insights, with the use of soil data, hyper-local weather data, and satellite imagery. Better weather forecasting and predictions will also help in transportation by making it easier for shipping companies and operators to avoid storms. It will also be useful for forecasting during hurricanes and other natural disasters which can save lives and accelerate rebuilding efforts.

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