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Tesla Is Sending Hundreds Of Powerwall Batteries To Puerto Rico

by : Puerto Rico is still dealing with the widespread damage of Hurricane Maria that hit earlier this month…


AwakenThe entire island has lost electrical power, and millions do not have access to basic needs that power would provide. In response to this, Tesla is helping to restore electrical power by shipping over hundreds of its Powerwall batteries, reports Bloomberg.

There are Tesla employees on the ground in Puerto Rico installing the batteries, repairing solar panels, and working to coordinate efforts with local organizations. This has all been going on ever since the storm cleared. The Powerwall battery, first introduced two years ago, is designed for homes that store energy generated from solar panels. In addition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has personally donated $250,000 to the relief effort in Puerto Rico.

Governor Ricardo Rosselló believes it could take months for power to fully be restored. “It depends on the damage to the infrastructure,” he told Anderson Cooper. “I’m afraid it’s probably going to be severe. If it is … we’re looking at months as opposed to weeks or days.”


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