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A Mothers Story – Jacqueline Davieau

by Jacqueline Davieau:  Why does it take a tragedy to see the light? Do we have to sink down into the depths of darkness to seek the truth, the real truth?A-Mothers-Story-awaken

What would our world be like if we all could experience the pure beauty of our true home, of where we came from and where we are all going? I am talking about Heaven. I have always been a believer in God but it took a devastating accident for me to truly open my eyes. I never thought I would survive the death of my first born son. My world was crushed and there was only one being that could save me, God. In my darkest hour he heard my prayers and my cries for help. Not only did he save my life but he gave me a new found purpose, an undeniable faith in where I will end up. I will be home again with my son Mario in Heaven!

This has been revealed to me and proven to be factual every morning that I continue to wake up. We are all shown proof of Heaven on a daily basis but many do not take notice. The words I am about to share with you come from a place of encouragement, a new beginning if you will. The more you believe the more you will see! Keep an open mind and an open heart as you read what I am going to share with you. When you change the way you view the world around you, the first step to a spiritual awaking has begun.  Challenge yourself to see life from a new prospective and begin to notice all the positive change that occurs. There is always something to be grateful for and always a reason to have love in your life. 

Inspiration From above-awakenI had my son Mario at a very young age, actually I was still in high school. As he grew up I often times joked with him that we grew up together. Although I made fun of the situation there was a lot of truth behind my words. Not only was he my son he was my best friend. When I got the call the night of September 30, 2015 that he had been instantly killed in a car accident my whole world was crushed. The pain and sorrow hit me down to my soul. I had no idea how I would get out of bed from day to day. Daily activities seemed impossible, I was going to die of a broken heart if something didn’t change. I became a shell of a human, walking around lost, in a daze of darkness. There were no words of encouragement that could make me feel better, no hope for tomorrow. I still have two younger boys that need their mother, what could I do? 

There was a night that I am not proud of at all but I believe it had to happen. Sleeping and eating became impossible for me to accomplish, I felt a sense of guilt if I did either of the two. My logic at the time was if my son can’t eat why should I? The same thought went with sleeping. My physical and mental state was fading fast. Sleep had not come to me for many nights due to grief and I was in no state of mind to be trusted alone. It was the middle of the night and my family finally found sleep. The house was completely silent and I was alone in the darkness. Not only was the room dark but my mind frame matched. I was in my living room down on my knees crying uncontrollably, begging God to please take this pain from me. Gripping a framed photograph of my beloved son, gazing into his eyes, screaming for him to come home. Please just come home!

A terrible thought crossed my mind, one that was out of character for me. It would be so easy for me to end my life at this very moment, end it all and join my son. I was hopelessly lost and got up from the floor to walk into the bathroom. I soon found myself reaching for a whole bottle of prescription pills and falling onto the floor. I felt stuck with an impossible decision to make. Should I leave this world to be with Mario, or should I stay here and raise Austin and Julian? No parent should every have to ask themselves such a question. The tears began to pour down my face even faster. My heart was racing as I took the cap off the bottle. God, please forgive me I no longer want to be here! The words were spoken out loud and from the bottom of my soul. My very soul was crying out for help, I wasn’t going to survive another day. 

This is the moment that changed my life, the moment that saved me. I heard a voice come from inside me. It was not my voice! It was a man’s voice that said “I am with you.” The voice was stern yet peaceful, had authority yet calming. The tears stopped for a moment and I had to ask, what? Once again I heard the same voice speak, “I am with you.” It was as if my heart were speaking to me. In my hour of need God was there for me! After the second time the voice spoke to me is when I felt a warmness come over me. I did not see anything around me, yet I had an undeniable knowing of what exactly was going on. I felt a comforting hug as if angels themselves had wrapped their wings around me, and I know with all of my heart that is exactly what I had just experienced! Angels were with me!  

 I do not even remember getting up off the floor but that night sleep finally found me. I woke up the next morning safe in my bed. For the first time since I lost my son I had peace, a certainty that everything was going to be just fine. I also knew at this moment that I still had very important work to do and my purpose was soon going to become clear to me. The very next day is when I had my first vision of Mario in Heaven. These events are what I am about to share with you now. I pray that my words will bring you peace with death or comfort any grief you may have. 

Presently, my family has experienced confirmations that Mario was safe and happy. We have heard his voice and each of us have had dreams that gave us peace and comfort. What happened next, I could have never expected or fantasize. The past few years I have been passionate about yoga and meditation. At first I started taking yoga classes as a means to exercise not thinking about the mental clarity it offers one. At the end of every class we would close with a meditation. I really began to enjoy such a softened state of mind and began to practice at home on a daily basis. It is a skill that is not easy to find in the loud world in which we live. When in tranquility, to successfully listen you must be silent. Turning of your thoughts is harder than one would think but so beneficially when you reach it. 

Subsequently, after almost three months of not eating, sleeping or taking care of myself properly I chose it was time for a transformation. Mario would not want to see his mother wasting away like this and I still had two sons to tend to. I wanted to ease my way back into physical activity and also needed to exist in the outside world. I decided to go to a restorative/ meditation yoga class. This is a very passive class and would be one of the best decisions I have ever made. When I first walked into the yoga studio, it was warm, and the lights were dimmed. The whole room smelled remarkable, and the teacher was beyond gracious. I felt welcomed and right at home the second I arrived. I could tell I was around good souls. The class was a one hour guided meditation that I was completely open to. What occurred during this hour honestly saved my life. It gave me hope and restored my faith. What I am about to share with you is the purest most honest moments of my life. 

    For the first five minutes of class, the teacher had the class all lay down on our mats with rolled blankets under our head for support. We had bolsters under our knees, and our palms faced up. She spoke in a very gentle voice and guided me to open my mind to new places. I felt safe and trusted the process we were about to embark on. The class size was small with only four other students. It was the perfect environment for me to let go. Before long I didn’t realize I was even in a studio with other people anymore. Her voice and the music took me to another location. A place not of this world. This is what I saw: 

I perceived myself walking down a path. Everything around me was so green and the path was made of stones. The sounds of the birds was so clear, it was almost as my sense of hearing had been intensified. The air was so clean and smelled of flowers, only I cannot compare it to any plant of this world. The scent was very strong but not overwhelming. The colors of all the plants were so brilliant and each had an aura glowing around it. Each had its own unique color, colors that you will never see in this world. I continued to walk down the path as if I knew exactly where to go. For the first time in months I had the feeling of joy in my heart, something I never thought I would ever be able to feel again. As the path ended it opened up to a breathtakingly beautiful crystal clear lake. The water was not like what you would see here on Earth. It was every shade of blue, green and purple; colors only you can imagine. Gold and silver shined off the surface almost like glitter. This is when I saw Jesus for the second time in my life but this time he was not alone. My son, Mario was with him! Both were dressed very humbly in white robes. Our Lord then hugged my son for the longest time and said “Welcome home son.” They both had the biggest smiles on their face and their skin was absolutely illuminating.

To see my son in such perfection brought tears to my eyes. I was crying because I had a knowing he was home. I was looking at my son in Heaven. This was a blessing I could have never dreamt up. The next thing Jesus did was baptize my son. He put his arms around him and laid him back into the water. I had a front row seat to Mario gaining eternal freedom and life. I wasn’t sure if they could see me because up until then I had not been acknowledged. This is the moment when Jesus turned and gazed right into my eyes. He has the brightest blue eyes and you look directly into his soul. You can feel the love and kindness without a word being spoken. The coloration of eyes is different in Heaven. There is a brightness and shine to all colors, but eyes shine like a diamond. Both he and Mario were smiling from ear to ear as they both walked up to me and said: “come I have something to show you”. 

I think I was in shock for a moment that they saw me but thrilled at the same time. Naturally I could not delay what I was about to witness. My son and the Lord walked out of the lake with their arms wrapped around one another, just as you would see a pair of old friends. It was as if they had always been together. It felt so natural and you could feel the love poring off of them. “Come it’s this way”.  We were soon on a new path leading upward on a small hill. It was covered in plants that I have never seen before, and just like the path I entered on, every color illuminated its own light or glow. I could hear the sounds of the birds singing songs in perfect harmony. As the wind would blow the plants would move, making sounds of music. The plants harmonized and also changed colors with each gust of the wind. As we walked up the hill, I looked to the right and saw the waterfall. Just like the lake, it was multiple colors including gold and silver splashing off the rocks. As the water hit of the stones it made sounds of music as well. It sounded like bells and a harp playing together. 

What happened next made me trust 100% that my experience was real! My son, while alive always promised me he would make me a log cabin in the woods. We spent many nights talking about the building ideas he had and in the afterlife he sure did. Mario took me by the hand and said: “Mom, please see your home”. It was breathtaking! The logs he used to build with where a shade of wood I have never seen before. Between each Log was row of the swaying and singing plants. The three of us looked in admiration for some time before I noticed there was no roof on the cabin. I then turned to Jesus and asked where is the roof? Jesus just smiled and laughed. He said “here there is no need for shelter, the weather is always perfect, and you must always look up to the sky.”  Mario was so proud of what he had built for me, and he just glowed with happiness.  

Our Lord then turned to me and said: “Sister this shall all be yours if you continue to have hope, faith and above all love.”  As soon as that was said the teacher of the class chimed a bell to wake us all from our meditation. At that very second my heart was filled with such love; I believe it was the first time I felt true happiness since that awful phone call. That feeling stayed with me for many days after the fact. I refer to this class as the class that saved my life. I had found a new purpose and was excited to begin my journey. 

As I got up off my mat and gathered my things, I noticed a smell. It was the strong scent that I had just experienced only moments before. It was as if my body had been covered in oils of every flower I just witnessed. The scent stayed with me the rest of the day and even into the next morning. Did Jesus allow me to see my son happy, healthy, and glowing in Heaven? I believe without a doubt he did! Heaven is not only a place but a feeling. The love I felt is unmeasurable and something we all get to look forward to. Your loved ones are just as loved as my son in Heaven. This is my promise to you all. 

Inspiration From Above

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