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Is Tai Chi The Answer To Back Pain?

Many people suffer from back pain…


As individuals get older, the likelihood of having to deal with back pain from recent or older injuries becomes greater. The general method of first treating back pain with medication is now being looked at differently. The American College of Physicians, who now have new guidelines for treatment, suggest that the first course of treatment should be things like heat wraps, exercise therapy, methods to reduce stress.

With its gentle movement and shifting of the weight, attention to alignment, and effects on reducing stress, Tai Chi would seem to be the ideal exercise therapy to deal with back pain. It would be important to be extra aware of how one’s movement, and not make any strenuous moves. It is also important to let your Tai Chi instructor know of any injuries or pain, so they may adjust your training to address any problems.

The type of treatment for back pain will of course depend upon the injury to the back. It is best to consult with your doctor to insure that any exercise will not further the injury.

Source: Slanted Flying


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