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Dr. Wayne Dyer – Divine Love is The Answer to Your True Purpose

by Dr Wayne Dyer: As I look back at the earliest days of my life in this incarnation, I can see clearly that the old maxim There are no accidents in this universe…


is a truism that applies right from the moment of our creation, and way before that as well. In an infinite universe there’s truly no beginning or ending. It is only our form that is born and dies—that which occupies our form is changeless and therefore birthless and deathless.

As the father of eight children, I’m quite convinced that each individual arrives here with their own unique personality. We are intended here from an invisible field of infinite potentiality. That which has no form, has no boundaries—it’s the I that’s in the ever-changing body.


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All of the accomplishments that fill my personal resume began taking shape at the moment of my conception, throughout my nine months of embryonic existence, and as I took my first birth breath on arrival. I look back at that little 19-month-old tyke lying on a snowbank, and not one cell that comprised that little boy is still here on planet Earth. Yet the I that was in that body is the same infinite I that recalls it all some 70 years later.

Even before I could read or write I needed a personality that would be congruous with the music I came here to play. I can see clearly now that as a child I needed to feel that I could reach out to others and help them feel better about themselves and their circumstances. I somehow knew that attitude is everything in life—even as a baby, so that the attitude my mother described to me that characterized my infancy was in some mysterious way connected to the dharma that I was to fulfill throughout this lifetime.

We all have a mission of some kind to fulfill at the moment we make the shift from nowhere to now here, from Spirit to form. I’ve long realized how important it is to allow my own children to live out their inner dictates, realizing that that’s precisely what I’ve done for my entire life, based on the stories that my mother told me of my life as a baby and then as a toddler. She was never surprised that my life unfolded as it did, because of what she observed in my infancy. Each of my children had their blueprint from God as well. My job has been to guide, then step aside, and let whatever is inside them that is their own uniqueness, steer the course of their lives.

The greatest service that can be offered to children who show personality traits or inclinations that might not be understood by the adults around them is to allow them to express their own unique humanity. I was blessed to be able to live much of the first decade of my life in an environment where parental and other adult meddling in my life was kept to a minimum. I know that I came into the world with what I call “big dharma”—with a blueprint to teach self-reliance and a positive loving approach to large numbers of people all over the globe. I am ever so grateful for the circumstances of my life that allowed me to be pretty much left alone and to develop as I was so intended in this incarnation.

Just as everything we need for our physical development is handled by a Divine, mysterious, invisible force while we develop for nine months in utero, so too is all that we need handled by the same Source for all other aspects of our being. We come from a state of perfect well-being—Divine love—and our creator needs no assistance in taking care of this unfoldment. It is only when we interfere with this celestial programming that we get off the path of God-realization.

I can see clearly today this entire universe is on purpose. I see now that our earliest personality traits and predilections are expressed because they represent our highest selves. At these early ages we are still very much connected to our Source, because we haven’t yet had the chance to edge God out and assume the mantle of the false self, which is the ego.

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