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Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés: Effective Ways To Bless Globally And Act Locally

 by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés: Just this dear ones, in coming days I’ll lay out the ways that are most effective in order to bless globally and act locally…

I’ll start with this…. for your consideration, in your own ways, as you see fit.

I send love,

This is just a sidelight response to a comment a few days ago from a mother saying her grown children are despondant over the state of our planet. Who wouldnt be, given that we receive massive amounts of info daily on the day’s 5000 attacks on earth and people. They are in their right minds. But/and… there is yet much to do

This is just to all, not a reply to the commenter, and thanks for your concern about your grown children. I know you will find the ways to lead them. We know as mothers that we are the rock, and keep to that role for our children no matter how old they become…Our role as mirror and as leader in our own ways, only changes, but ever is needed. If only for the young adults to consider. In best possible spirit and expecailly vision from the soul, not ego.

Just a .02 as a sidelight comment to all here: I was born into a destroyed planet, as were my natal family from Mexico and our Southwestern tribal groups, as was my adopted refugee family. I am in my seventies now.

Rivers poisoned from chemical warfare and from wall to wall factories, creeks, streams, and the great inland oceans polluted by mills, cadmium, sunken oil tankers, crop dusting, minetailings, strontium 90,

the extinction of thousands of species from poison, overhunting, overfishing, trapping, commercial crassness developing foods that literally malnourished people while turning on their appetites for sugar, lard and badly processed grains, food and medicines that maimed people, made people ill, killed them.

Enourmous mobs of thugs murdering people at will. 20 miles from a KKK headquarters we were. We, Latino, Immigrant, Refugee, Native American, Catholic, Female, Jewish, African…. the hated ones.

There was no lovely world we inherited. Timberless, dams, squatter ownership of water, minerals, high voltage wires over everyone’s heads, babies born drugged at convenience of dr. I could go on. FOR TEN THOUSAND PAGES OF LISTS of the ruined, harmed, murdered, egregiously mismanaged by the few while calling for collusion from workers whom ‘the ones in power’ offered dirty jobs to.

This is some of what I know about fighting against disheartenment. I understand to be disheartened. I’ve counted the black cavities in death’s back teeth. I’ve been up against those who care nothing for the life of a woman or men, or children, or creatures, or earth or sky or water, young or old.

There are ways through. But, each soul has to bind themselves to the mast of something beyond themselves to remain strong.

Otherwise Mother Lake Michigan and the other Great Lakes, as well as countless streams and rivers across the world, as well as so much that was left for dead and ON PURPOSE, would not have found new life. They are clean now and cleaner than when I was born. More and more has been helped and returned and protected.

There will EVER be devils who want to use the world for a toilet. We are the ones who see it, and stand against it, but also stand FOR something– that is NOT a perfect world. But one of decency, evolution, progress in all matters. Because we showed up in more than social media alone.

I cant say what anyone else ought do when faced with the ongoing destructions ACROSS THE WORLD [the philippine forest, the water situations in most any part of the world that affects people directly, right in their homes, out the front door, every day and night, everyone] of air, sky, water, land, animals and human beings.

I know how hard people in many parts of the world who are awake and active, are working. WE ALMOST NEVER hear about them. And we must, for lack of knowing the good people do, contributes to disheartenment, which is what I believe most heartless moguls want… to just do as they wish– with people not rising up to oppose their red dot eyes on the dollar.

I know what I do, what I have taught my children and grandchildren, which is to form your own ways and/or ally with solid orgs already in action, to be of service every day, to pray for en masse, to encourage others whether the wounded or those who protect others.

But because each person is different in temperament, each person has to try out and find what works for them in advocacies that matter to them. I personally have to have a guide Greater in order to act, and keep acting. Not to tell me what to do, rather to infuse me with greater strength, vision, at least momentarily, than I can have as a mere humanling. My .02 only.

In terms of our world situ, I feel enraged and calm. But I have ALWAYS felt tsince a little child, enraged and calm, for the world’s top 1000 destroyers/greed sots have been alive since forever. There is no way to NOT see them.

Progress is made nonetheless, yes. Massively over the many decades I’ve been on earth. BUT, VIGILANCE keeps it so. Action and vigilance.

I know that to help one must start anywhere. Anywhere. Right within one’s reach.

The questions to be asked are only: What can I do? What can we do? And I’d add this– because of my deep sense of responsibility to our earth as a person many have died for —so I could live– thereby I ask, What MUST I do?

I know my own answers. I hope for, pray for all others to know theirs and though disheartenment might be the first stage of facing a far from perfect world, it is not the end point.

The great creative spirit resides with the Soul.

Go there.

I send love. Siempre.


The image “Potawatomi Eagle Dancer, Gary Wis-Ki-Ge-Amatyuk Jr.” is by a Chinese born, USA immigrant artist, Zhou Liang. The model for the painting is from the Potawatomie and Ojibwe tribes.


The image is of one of the eagle dancers of the tribal group {Potawatomie} my father’s refugee family fished with, helping each other lay in the huge catches in the ice lockers for them and for us for the winter each year in upper Michiana. The Potawatomie fishing people and my fishing family were fast friends, we all found we had so much in common, not only love of land and creatures, but also, having lost everything, everything taken by wars– yet remaining standing still.


…The eagle family continues to live for many years now in their big sloppy nest just steps from my front door. My strength in more ways than one. You too. Spirit of Eagle. Dont forget. Thank you

Source: Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés


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