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Your Intuitive Potential (It’s Greater Than You Think)

by In the field of medical intuition, Laura Alden Kamm’s remarkable accuracy earned her a reputation as a “walking MRI.” Yet Kamm is able to read more than just a person’s health. Laura Alden KammThrough her breakthrough methods, she has developed the ability to perceive the energetic structure of any object to gain insights about its past, present, and future. Here, she talks about her new audio training course, Unlocking Your Intuitive Power, for fostering our own innate capabilities for “reading the energy of anything.”

Sounds True: Many people have had some experience with energy medicine, whether through studying chakra systems or working with medical intuitives. What does your program provide that people may not have experienced?

Laura Alden Kamm: If you’re already familiar with reading chakras or the energy of your own body, you’re halfway there. This program starts with these principles and extends them into new territory. The visualizations and meditations I use are meant to guide you to a place where you can read the differences between bones, muscles, tissues, and energy. No matter what your starting point, this program covers the basics and leads you to a level where you can go into the body and look at specific structures. I coach you in developing fine-tuned intuitive discernment.

In my view, a good intuitive should go beyond reading emotions. You may see, for example, that there’s anger in the liver and it may be associated with an old trauma. That’s valuable information. But I want to stretch people’s abilities to the point where they can tell the difference between red and white blood cells…the difference in a bone density structure—for example, is osteoporosis setting in? These are the kinds of skills people can develop when they use the exercises in this program.

Sounds True: It’s easy to understand the importance of medical intuition. But your program is subtitled, “How to read the energy of anything.” What’s the value of being able to read the energy of, say, your car or desk?

Laura Alden Kamm: There are many benefits. For instance, when you have your intuitive sense heightened, you can navigate through your physical environment more effectively and a lot more safely. Being able to read the energy of anything can assist you in understanding everyday stresses or anxieties such as: Is it safe to get on this plane? Is this relationship healthy? Are there any challenges ahead on the freeway?

In my experience, there are many times when something like a car enters my own energy field. I use mindfulness to investigate that image, and I’ll start asking intuitively based questions. What is this? Is there going to be an accident? Can I avoid this? Is this something I have to go through? And I’ll receive answers, almost immediately. Intuitively driven information improves my decisions.

Listeners will learn how to do this in the program. This is not to make you paranoid, this is to make you more enlightened and skillful in the way in which you live your life.

Sounds True: You mentioned “mindfulness.” Is traditional Buddhist mindfulness meditation a tool for honing intuition?

Laura Alden Kamm: Yes, though it’s so rarely taught in conjunction with intuitive training. Mindfulness is the basis for the way I teach intuition. I think it’s essential to be able to witness your own mind, and the way that your thoughts work, in order to better recognize your genuine intuitive thoughts.

A big problem with developing intuition is that you don’t trust it, even with practice. People say to me all of the time, “I knew that, I saw that coming,” and then add, “but I didn’t trust myself.” The world will always give you feedback on your intuitive hits. Each time you’re able to use mindfulness to discern true intuition, you build experience-based confidence in your ability.

Sounds True: What do you say to people who feel “empty” of any “special gifts” of intuition?

Laura Alden Kamm: Everybody has intuitive insights. It does take practice and a clear intention to be able to develop this skill. Intuition is both an insight from beyond the analytical level and a vehicle that allows us to tap into the collective unconscious. It’s the ability to ask a direct question and receive a direct answer from a source we are all connected to. That’s the magic of it. And everybody has the ability to do that. Everybody does.


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