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Sudden Insights: The Fundamental Connection for Living

by Laura Alden Kamm: I was sitting in the airport the other day just amazed at how busy we are; eating, running, herding children, and talking on the phone all at the same time. I know if we were like Kannon, the Japanese 1000-armed Goddess of Compassion, we would be doing even more multi-tasking. We seem to push ourselves, a lot.

Laura Alden KammClearly, when we match the energy of our busy world, our ability to create time for personal and spiritual development is stretched too thinly. I am confident your days are outrageously busy; you laser in on your day-to-day tasks and challenges and consequently, the underpinning wisdom in your life escapes you. Here is the good news: the delivery mechanism of your inner wisdom – your intuition – is ever-present and can be accessed within seconds.

How many times have you sensed what was going to happen next in your life (or someone else’s) and it occurred? And, your insights were startlingly accurate? We have all experienced synchronistic events which illustrate the web of connectivity that unites us. That being said, how can you continue to develop and hone your natural skill of insight? More importantly, how can you use it for your life, wellness, and service to others?

Trust Your Self
Trusting in your self keeps the intuitive switch “on.” You stay plugged into your intuition, your higher mind. That intentional direct link keeps the doorway open for the signals to come into your conscious mind, easily, cleanly, and with a greater degree of accuracy. 
Such a connection can even save your life.

For instance, in the late 1980’s I lived on Whidbey Island which is part of the San Juan Islands north of Seattle, Washington. One typical foggy morning, I was driving alone down the two-lane highway which is the main north/south route for the island. Suddenly, I heard a voice yelling in my head, “Pull over to the shoulder! NOW!” Without thinking, I jerked the wheel and the car flew onto the road’s edge. Within seconds, a fully loaded log truck, driving in my lane, came barreling toward me. It was passing another car as it raced to catch the next ferry and get off the island. The whole incident took less than five seconds. If I had not been plugged into my intuition, this seemingly mundane moment would have instantly turned.

You and I both know that the world is complicated. More, it is intense, with a myriad ways in which toxins can infiltrate your life; noise, chemicals, and stress are a part of all our lives. You have an obligation to yourself and to others to hone your intuitive skills, to ignite your divine mind and tune in to life in a different way.

Part of staying physically well and developing inner peace is to gain a deeper understanding of the way in which your particular style of intuition functions and flows. As you gain a more sophisticated understanding of the stages and levels of your intuition, you can truly be of service to this world. Firstly, developing your intuition necessitates that you engage with your spirit on a regular basis. However, in that spiritual connection you must not negate your physical world.

As a medical intuitive and teacher of energy medicine and healing, I have heard many say that they would rather stay in the buzz of spiritual practice. It may feeeeel as if one would be happier if they could just go “home”… Alas, that is not why you are here. The obligation to your spirit’s choice to be here is that you must live connected to your spirit while simultaneously grounded and robustly living your physical life, pressing into life’s twists and turns. It is the only way to navigate effectively through the sometimes messy and uncomfortable times in life. When you are connected to your spirit through your body you have more clarity and discernment; both of which continue to foster courage.

Courage is vital to one’s spiritual development. It takes courage for you to even share your spiritual perspective with others, let alone let it guide your service in the world. You are a unique, beautiful personality. When you are aligned with your spirit through your personality you gain a powerful sense of self. This is not egoic or self-serving. Your spirit chose particular qualities of your personality to come through in this life and it is your responsibility to generate self-love, as well as hold that love for others.

In my years of working with people, one of the clearest demonstrations I see in those who are developing their intuition and desiring to work in the field of healing – no matter the particular art of healing in which you wish to engage – is that the higher your level of self-esteem the greater your ability to hear your spirit. Therefore, the greater your ability to guide your life, as well as support the healing for another. When you are that linked, the choices you make – those intuitively-derived choices – will be right on target. In short, your soul will express itself cleanly through your personality and your choices will be in concert with your passion, purpose and path.

So what does staying connected look like? Stating the obvious, you must take time out of your day to formally connect and either create a dialogue, or be open to the potential of a dialogue with your spirit. When you take the time an connect intentionally to spirit, even if you don’t have anything dramatic happen in that time, you are stating an enormous intention to pay attention to that which lies beyond your physical sense; although the language of spirit communicates, at an end point, through your physical body.

It is also important to remember that your intuition is not only those hits of spiritual insight and communication; it is the very mechanism of your higher mind that also allows you to communicate with your spirit in the first place. But do you understand the structure of it? When that understanding and trust have been rooted your life will change. You will be more in tune and in command of the eternal flow of energy and consciousness, creating more harmony, opportunity, and an abundant life.

Intuitive cues:

  1. Intuition is a flash of insight that arrives in your mind instantaneously.
  2. It can seemingly come into your mind from a certain direction. For example, it can feel like it came from your heart, your belly, or even outside of your physical body, like coming up from behind the right side of your head.
  3. You can get inner pictures, hear phrases, feel it in your gut/body, or just know you know the truth.
  4. Intuitive information has a precise rhythm.
  5. Intuition is not random mind chatter.
  6. Intuition is devoid of emotions; it is clear, direct, gentle data.

Once you understand how intuition comes to you, the frequency of insights will increase. Your courage will as well. As this occurs, know that there will be times when you receive instant feedback regarding your accuracy. For instance, for months a friend kept seeing a picture of the front of her car in her energy field. She would check in with this intuitive picture and bit by bit, the picture would get closer to her physical body. She knew something was about to happen with her car; she also knew that everyone involved would be unharmed. One day when going out for errands, she noticed the picture of the car had moved from six inches away to right in the middle of her body, at stomach height. She knew that whatever was going to happen was going to occur today! Sure enough, while driving on the freeway a tire blew. No one was hurt and an off duty fireman came to her rescue and fixed the tire. Her intuition was right on target. And, because she did not disregard her intuition that all would be well, she was not afraid. Even though she knew there was going to be an “event,” she had courage to live her life and let “life” show up!

You, too, have that driving force: your intuition. You can always mindfully detect – on some level – what is approaching in your life. The lesson here is to not avoid your life, at any time. No matter if it is a car, a baby, a work project or illness; you can detect the energy of “what is next” in your electro-magnetic field.

Look through my eyes for a moment at the way in which it happens for me. I gauge energies and thought forms in three primary categories: potentials, possibilities and probabilities. When I see energetic structures in the field I pay attention to how this energy fits within these three categories. I make more detailed intuitive assessments from there. So can you.

Intuition provides protective information, inspiration, and can help you heal both emotionally and physically. By connecting with your internal landscape, you can strengthen your intuition and create physical healing. When you engage your intuition within your own body, the opportunity to hear your body’s intelligence and wisdom comes forward. You can locate disorders, imbalances, and even diseases. For instance, you can intuitively ask your body what organ or region on your body needs some assistance. Perhaps, your body has something simple to convey. Your job is to listen, without judgment, especially if you don’t like the answer, or if it is not sensational enough to suit your desires.

Go to the place in your body that calls to you. Ask, “What is it you have to tell me?” Wait for the answer to come. While listening and patience are the important skills, you must be a courageous adventurer as well. Look, sense, and feel for different qualities of energy. What colors are in and around this organ or region of your body? What sounds do you hear? What is the texture or the vibration? These qualities will offer more clarity; and clarity is what you are seeking.

In order to heal yourself and others – to live an empowered life – it is necessary to have your intuition running at full throttle every moment of the day. Some may think that posture will result in way too much information screaming at you. I am of the opinion that, if energetic signals and data are coming at you anyway, why not have your intuitive discernment abilities up and operational so you are at choice and able to hear your own spirit?

The practice of intuitive development requires attention and concentration. Certainly, your inner work, which creates and supports your outer world, is deserving of such time and attention. Remember, your progress is always determined by your practice.

© Laura Alden Kamm, 2006




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