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Roll With It Baby

by Laura Alden Kamm: Recently I was helping a friend as they grappled with tough life-changing issues. As I was dialing in my intuition to “look” at resolutions with her, song lyrics popped into my head. Laura Alden KammOne of the most delightful aspects of intuitive inquiry is when songs insert themselves into the process. It’s a musical Universe. I’m certain many of you have had the same experience.

In this instance, my friend had been facing really hard times. These conflicts were stretching her to the limit—personally, professionally, financially, and with five of her closest relationships, all at the same time. It was, indeed, a tough time. Tough enough to make the heartiest soul melt.

The song that popped in was by Steve Winwood, “Roll With It”. Remember that one? The song’s lyrics quip phrases like, “when hard times come knocking at your door, I’ll tell ‘em you ain’t here no more.” Also, “when the world turns its back on you, hang in and do that sweet thing you do. Just roll with it baby. Then you’ll see life will be so nice, just a step up to paradise. Just roll with it baby.” Sagacious advice. We laughed and cried tears of relief-filled joy as more answers came forward, offering a complete and empowering strategy for her to move from here to there.

Life gives us stuff. Messy, gooey stuff. We can either become frozen with fear or go inside to find the answers that are part of the equation. I have yet to experience in my own life, or witness in someone else’s, a problem or challenge that did not have the solution hovering around the core of the problem.

I know. Sometimes, life can seem like a really long, bad day. However, with intuition and stillness the answers are easier to access than you might imagine. Next time you have a challenge, be open to all solutions and methods of delivery. Perhaps your answer will arrive in the form of a song. I make it a point to never discount lyrical chatter. The Universal muse will echo in your heart. Then…roll with it baby!

Rock on!

With love,


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