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Let your Light Shine!

by Laura Alden Kamm: It’s time to shine! Your light will find a way to shine through any façade you build in an attempt to diminish it. 

Laura Alden KammYou can’t really hide your light, your power or your purpose. So take a breath and think about it. Do you really want to be someone else in this life? Do you really want other people to dictate who you are, what you eat, where to go, what to do and how to live your one precious life?

The jig is up. The practice period for you to test out who you are in someone else’s image is over. No more messing around. There’s no more time to match other people’s energy, unconsciously or consciously, to see if you can be more like them and fit in.  It’s time for your light to beam—your precious, sovereign light.

When my children were little cherubs one of their favorite bedtime stories was Me too Iguana, by Jacquelyn Reinach (Author) and Richard Hefter (Illustrator). It’s a story about a charming purple iguana who just couldn’t figure out who he really was. He matched everyone else’s energy and persona in town. Someone would say they like this or that and iguana would immediately chime, “Me too! Me too!”

One day the townspeople finally had enough. They had to help break iguana of his pattern. He wasn’t appreciating who he was; and he wasn’t thinking for himself. They knew he was wonderful just the way he was, so they devised a way to prove it! His friends decided to throw a masquerade party. But the rule was that no one in town could tell iguana what costume they were wearing to the party.

The days before the party were tough for iguana. He desperately tired to find out what everyone else was wearing. He just had to have the right costume and fit in. But nobody, not even his best friends, would offer the slightest clue. Frustrated and anxious he finally gave up. He went to the party with no costume, convinced he would be ridiculed.

To iguana’s surprise, everyone at the party had on a purple iguana costume. They looked just like him! He got it. He was a purple iguana and it was good to be him!

We all encounter times when we wonder what others might think of us. I understand what it’s like to hide. I’m certain you do too. When I came through the wonderfully, awful experience of dying, entering into the light on the other side, and into the holy presence of others who taught me wondrous things I was terrified. I wasn’t certain if what I experienced was real or not. I hid.

However, what I quickly discovered was that there is no way in heaven or on earth to conceal who you are. So, do yourself a favor. Do the world a favor and light up from the inside out. Let your light shine. Then you can relax in your body. Be who you are. Enjoy the pleasures of life, and the things and people you love. And then you will accomplish the purpose-driven work you are here to do.

As Marianne Williamson reminds us, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.”

Shiny blessings to you on this day…and beyond.

With love,


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