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Intuitive Wellness: Using Your Body’s Inner Wisdom to Heal

Chapter 5: The Issues Are in the Tissues: Healing the Body

You Are the Creator of Your Anatomy

Laura Alden Kammby Laura Alden Kamm: As a medical intuitive, I have come to know that we are literally the creators of our anatomy. You construct your body through the innumerable events and encounters with people and other stimuli that enter your life and energetic field over time. Your body, your life, and the emotional and behavioral components with which you manage your world are all interrelated energetic patterns resulting from events that have left their imprints on your personal energy system. It doesn’t matter whether the imprinting process is the result of a traumatic experience or a joyful one. It is how you hold onto the situation or memory—emotionally, behaviorally, and especially energetically—that matters. And the way you hold onto something depends on the way in which you perceived what happened to you in the first place.

Your memories of your experiences, the people who raised you, who you went to school with, played with, made love to, married, gave birth to, worked with, and so on, influence how you write your energetic and physical body’s story. All these stored memories are actors, in a sense, assisting you in both the writing and presentation of your anatomy. As you move through your life and its myriad experiences, these actors interact with your energy, rehearsing and performing the lessons you are here to learn, as well as those you are here to teach others. You have authored your anatomy based on how you have lived your life up to this point.

It is important to consider whether these influences serve you in the context of your current life or state of being. Take a thoughtful look inside yourself for a moment. From what truths have you been creating your anatomy, and therefore your life? Your own or others’? Do these truths serve you? Do they honor who you are or what you want to become?

Thoughts, emotions, and words have more influence on your body than you might think. In The Hidden Messages in Water, Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrates how words affect the molecular structure of water. According to pictorial documentation of his research, beautiful snowflake-like and crystalline structures occur in water’s molecules when words or thoughts of a positive nature are spoken to it: when the water has been exposed to such words (and their respective frequencies) as love, peace, joy, and gratitude. One can project these thoughts with a particular spoken word, a written word, or word groupings such as prayers. You can even place the words on paper and wrap the paper around the water’s container to transform the water molecules.

Not surprisingly, the molecules also react to cruel and negative words. Words like hate and kill distort and contort the water molecules so severely that they look like they are on fire, bubbling hot, and deeply irregular. Interestingly enough, when I first saw these pictures, especially the ones resulting from negative thought projections, my first remarks were that these distorted water molecules looked identical to the way in which I saw cells contorted with diseases such as cancer.

Dr. Emoto’s research illustrates the power of words, the energy of both spoken and unspoken thought, and the positive or damaging results they can have on water molecules. After reading these brief points from Dr. Emoto’s work, I’m certain it has not escaped your attention that our bodies are 70 per cent water. It provokes one to think about the effects that words, thoughts, and emotions have on us and on others.

You are indeed the creator of your anatomy. Everything you think, feel, do, and know determines the health and condition of your body, as well as feeding or starving your soul. As a medical intuitive, I have yet to come upon a disorder, dysfunction, or disease in the body that does not have emotional and behavioral components attached to it. The nourishment you have given or allowed yourself to receive, or have lacked, is most definitely evident in the energetic core of a disease.

Energetic Emotional Impact

In my work assisting people, I have been privileged to deal with a wide variety of diseases and disorders: cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, digestive disorders, Candida, panic attacks, diabetes, spinal issues, respiratory disorders—the list goes on and on. All the people I have assisted in dealing with these disorders have had a variety of emotions packed inside them at the point of disease, or what I call the point of “emotional/energetic congestion.” The evidence of these emotions and their behavior patterns tells both me and the client that she has been either holding or losing her life- force energy in regard to a particular situation, traumatic experience, or person in her life. It is also likely that these issues have been affecting her for some time—in some instances, they have been stuffed down inside her for decades.

To help you understand what is happening when the body holds the energetic imprint of certain experiences or people, let me explain what I call the “energetic emotional impact” theory. Simply stated, this theory is based on the fact that during the early stages of life, prior to achieving certain levels of cognitive maturation, we don’t have the ability to understand what happens to us by applying logic to pick a situation apart. The energetic result is that since we don’t have these cognitive abilities to figure out traumas, we are left with the only things we have—the emotions and their impact. The intensity of the emotional impact and how the event is perceived control whether any resulting emotional and behavioral patterning will be created. This holding of energy, packed with emotions, results in moving the energy into the physical body on a cellular level. The energetic emotional impact takes up residence in the chakra system.

A trauma can be considered perceptually subjective in nature. Depending on how it’s perceived, a trauma can be anything from not having your drawing selected by your fourth-grade teacher to child abuse or the loss of a parent. Certain events when we’re young have effects beyond our understanding and control. We simply lack the cognitive means to draw upon. As adults, we can understand why we have been fired or why a marriage hasn’t worked. But as children we find it difficult to understand why we feel abandoned, or why we are locked away in a closet or told to go out and cut a switch from a tree so our father can whip us with it. We are left with the emotions associated with these events, and this is the reason people usually have such difficulty healing early childhood issues. Often, when we work on these issues as adults, the emotions pour out like thunderous floodwaters.

To illustrate this, let’s look at a typical childhood incident. You fall off your tricycle when you’re three years old. A sibling, parent, playmate, or even a stranger tells you, for example, that you’re stupid or clumsy for falling off your tricycle. So not only did you scrape your knee and elbow, but your emotional and energetic body was also injured as a result of the hurtful words. The emotional impact—the hurt feelings—thus creates the conditions for the behavioral patterning to begin its existence in a particular chakra.

In this example, you grew up having your feelings hurt when some- one directed at you what you perceived to be hateful words. As an adult, you doubt you have the ability to do things well. Or the child- hood incident and subsequent experiences made you more determined to try harder when you attempt new things, creating the conditions for becoming an overachiever. The effects depend on your perception of a particular event.

I’d like to share some of my clients’ stories to give you a clearer picture of how energetic emotional impacts can play out in your health and wellness.


I did an intuitive assessment over the phone with Samantha. She listened as I intuitively dissected one of her ovarian cysts. The energy of this particular cyst was such that I could divide it up into three sections. Each section held energy that appeared to deal with various traumas that had affected her emotionally and behaviorally throughout the years. Each was clearly marked energetically with a specific age indicating at what time in her life the trauma had occurred. I also noticed that relationships had been established with other parts of her physical and energetic anatomy (the chakras), as well as with her spiritual and emotional/behavioral anatomies. In short, all parts of her being had, to different degrees, been affected by these traumas.

The far right section of the particular cyst I was examining held the emotions of anger and frustration. Both of these emotions were associated with her not being able to express her true self from a very early age. This experience had affected not only her second chakra where the cysts were located but also her fifth chakra, the throat. Chronic sore throats, symptomatic of repressed anger, were a constant part of her life. She was taught as a child that it was not okay to express anger, creating an emotional/behavioral pattern that supported the stuffing down of her emotions.

The middle section of the cyst held deep sadness, and it was the basis for her perceived inability to pursue what she really wanted to do. Within her energetic system, this issue corresponded to the age of three years old. I discovered the age association as I looked deep within her personal energy system and saw in my mind’s eye a picture of her as a three-year-old being told to hurry up and come along to do something. Also evident in this picture were her feelings of simply wanting to be left alone to play with her toys. She confirmed that what I was seeing made sense, and that she disliked interruptions while engrossed in a task. She added that she didn’t allow herself much time, if any, to play and have fun.

The last section of the cyst contained pictures of her not being able to do things right, and of not believing in herself. This corresponded with the energy in her third chakra, which reflected a lack of self- esteem. This energetically charged emotional pattern had produced fear, preventing her from being willing to try new things. But she was tired of missing out on new opportunities. This particular energy, wrapped in these specific emotional reactions, had also affected her solar plexus chakra, resulting in her having to deal with a nervous stomach for many years. Her situation is a clear example of the relationships that are fostered and maintained through the processes of energetic emotional impacts and the effects they can have on physical health.


Barbara had been suffering from bouts of asthma for many years and, more recently, frustration over her work in a bureaucratic setting. As she lay on my examination table, I placed my hand on her chest over her thymus gland and asked her why there was such deep sadness and emotional constriction, stemming from around the age of four. I asked, “What have you been disowning about who you are since that time?”

Long-held-back tears began running down her cheeks. She told me that she used to see lights and sparks of color dancing outside her bedroom window at night. She knew that they were guides of some kind, her special guides, trying to relay information to her. She also knew that she knew too much about Spirit, about God, and that the family in which she had been born would not tolerate a young child with so much intuitive, spiritual information. As a result, she shut down. The lights and feelings of interconnection with God left her.

From that time on, she began to make herself into the four-foot, eleven-inch bulldozer she became (my term for her), which helped her manage her life from a point of view that seemed more acceptable but was different from what was true to her intrinsic self. However, by eventually changing how she interacted with her inner self, her family, and the world around her, she began her journey back to herself and her true power. She has since been in the process of rediscovering her incredible intuitive healing abilities and marvelous artistic gifts. Although it took her forty-some years to tell that part of her life’s story to someone else, it is a drop in the bucket compared to the time of her soul’s existence.


LAURA ALDEN KAMM is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher, author of Intuitive Wellness, and a pioneer in Energy Medicine and Medical Intuition with thirty years of field experience. What sets Laura apart is her exacting, specialized gift of intuition; doctors call her a “walking MRI” for her laser- like accuracy in intuitive assessments. As an international consultant in the fields of medicine, business, politics, and personal and spiritual development she is sought out by corporate executives, royalty, military leaders, government officials, and everyday people from over 55 countries around the world.

A mystic in the true sense of the word, while studying to be an architect at age twenty- six Laura suddenly fell ill, lost her eye-sight, and died. She was infused with insights in a place most of us will have to wait to get into—heaven.

Laura has been featured in national and international magazines, such as Martha Stewart’s Body + Soul Magazine. Assisting tens of thousands from around the world Laura’s intuitive gift guides them toward healing and personal empowerment through her public events, workshops, writings, and private consultations.


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