Awaken The World Through Enlightened Media

Quotes by Meg Blackburn Losey Ph.D.

  1. “Love has become idealized to the point where many people no longer know what it feels like to truly be loved, or what loving another person is really about.”
  2. “We must acknowledge our self perfection – We are and always have been One in Source and within our Journeys.”
  3. “Accept the journey for which we have come – why fight the very things which we have come to learn?”
  4. “Maintain Personal integrity – That truth which is ours, that opportunity which we give ourselves to find truth within, is not what we are conditioned to perceive.”
  5. “Be what you are, not what others perceive you to be– You are created of light and Grace. Imperfection is an illusion. Spirit knows you need not improve, only know your God self.”
  6. “Consciousness is super luminal. It is faster than the speed of light. It is unlimited in scope, not tied to the boundaries of our brains, or even time or space.”
  7. “As we communicate universally, new and often different realities are created. Our bodies change and our experiences, our life experiences, change in response to the new realities.”
  8. “We must acknowledge our value – Your value is how you fit the world within and the exterior world in which you exist. To perceive that your value is greater or less than someone else’s brings you to lack of everything else.”
  9. “Maintain Personal integrity – That truth which is ours amongst all other things, that opportunity which we give ourselves to find the truth within us, not that which we have been conditioned by others to perceive.”
  10. “Be that which you are, not that which you perceive others would see – You are created of light, of Grace, and of that there cannot be imperfection, only that which is of Spirit. You do not need to improve yourselves, only to acknowledge that which is your God self, your perfect being.”
  11. “Accept Your Power – You are great and mighty. True Power comes not of ego, but the collective One of our Spirit. True Power is Gentle Power. You are of the light and in its seemingly nebulous construct is the essence from which all things are made. To fear inner power is to suggest that you are less than all other things. In Truth, power is of Grace, not of abusiveness or negative use and your Grace is born of unconditionality.”
  12. “True Power is that which is Love, the intentional living as co-creator from within all opportunities that are offered you.”
  13. “The energies are working as fractals and as double helixes, two streams wrapping together to create a holographic whole. When you can get completely present and let go of yourself, you can become that helix. When you do, the effects are unbelievable powerful and effective.”
  14. “Take Your value, Your perfection, Your power, Your Grace into your world – In the Now that always is, change only comes from practice. To effect change, we must embody it. You must walk your talk, not hide what you know. Historically, that which is hidden is viewed as heresy in relation to the accepted norm. To change this, create a new accepted norm with ease and Grace. Walk within the light.”
  15. “We must acknowledgement our self perfection – We are and always have been of the One both in Source and within our Journeys.”
  16. “Love yourselves and touch everyone you encounter with love – As all energy exchanges, what will You accept from others and what will you leave behind? You can see all others as mirrors of self, that their pain also resides somewhere within us, that their joy is in our hearts as well. This is why random acts of kindness make such a difference. How many times have you said “There by the Grace of God go I”? It is true. It has always been so.”
  17. “As I move about the world, traveling from one place to the next, it is my observation that we don’t seem to honor people outside of ourselves. Even the people we say we love the most. We don’t honor people in general, and we often don’t know how to love ourselves.”
  18. “I have often marveled at how the principals of metaphysics are often later validated by the world of science.”
  19. “We have said for many, many years that we are light. Now, scientists are actively measuring the light fields that human beings (and all other life) emanate.”
  20. “It isn’t about me or what I can do. It never was. I realize that the picture is far greater than any one human being. To me, this, the marriage of science and metaphysics is the perfect solution of ending the dichotomy of beliefs.”
  21. “The energy of our intentions travels far into creation instructing it to rearrange to our intended reality. And it does.”
  22. “When we learn to release our awareness, our consciousness, from our perceived norm and allow it to be free of the logical mind, what occurs is that there is nothing we cannot know. Everything that has ever occurred past present and future is stored in the ethers, and it is available to us 24/7.”
  23. “What I have finally realized, after many years of trying to figure out where I fit in our world, is that norm is a state perceived and created by human beings so that they feel safe. Further I have found that weird is wonderful and it is not some imaginary craziness but in fact a fuller way of being.”
  24. “We will find that there will come a time when science and metaphysics work hand in hand and that those who have embraced their other worldly gifts will by their perceptions assist in changing the entirety of our world and understandings of it as we know it know. Religion may or may not choose to let go of its archaic rules and go along for the ride.”
  25. “We are unlimited in capability to imagine and create anything that we can perceive. The only thing that stops us is our belief that we are anything different.”

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